Street Protest a Great Success

Well today’s Community Event was great, good weather, good turn out, lots of interest, and a good sausage sizzle.

Curlew court was a buzz with activity, some feisty chat, the valuable stories and information from the audience, and our message loud and clear:

Stop multistory apartment over developments in Manningham.

  • They are not for the community,
  • They are not  needed for 2030 population growth,
  • They are not affordable,
Council-Protest 2011-09-18

Manningham Council Protest

Curlew Court Protest Crowd

Curlew Court Protest Crowd


There were residents with development concerns from all areas, and zones in Manningham.

RAIDID T    Doncaster Hill,

DD08 High Density Zones,

even the “Protected Res3” streets,

where “Win” told of his troubles and how it was too late for his street – Horsfall St

Win urged every one to act before it is too late for them as well.

When the topic of Manningham council came up there was definitely some angst about the way they are treating the residents of Manningham.

It was obvious that Paul Molan and his Planning department were not popular with the residents present, their sheer mention drawing jeers from the crowd.

… Now who do the council work for again?

Paul Molan is the director of Planning, and the one who was in the Manningham Leader paper two  weeks ago, saying if you don’t like these developments then Leave. Well we say Paul Molan if you don’t like Manningham’s Character, YOU LEAVE.

Last Week Mr Molan said he was taken out of Context… That might have been so,we weren’t there, but we were there when Paul Molan said these things:

  • During the parking and traffic discussion at the meeting RAIDID organised July 21. Paul Molan said, quote “I can assure you, your fears will be realised. The traffic situation is going to get worse. There is no doubt about that. We will manage it as best we can”.
  • When referring to  Curlew court in a DD08 Zone (july 25)    …Curlew court is an area that is TARGETED for Drastic Change.
  • (July 25th)  …A street like Curlew court can handle 2000 -3000 cars movements a day, and that is when we would probably stop approving developments there…. ( That equates to  415  apartments in this small court, or 28 apartments on every original block!)  HELLO – Why can’t the “PLANNING DEPT” see a PROBLEM HERE ? This 2000-3000 statement was then used by one of the Councilors the next night to justify voting for the proposal to go ahead!

So a comment like  “If you don’t like it sell up and leave.” does sound like something he would say – It is certainly the way we have been made feel when dealing with the council on the development next door to us.

We should acknowledge Cr Mayne for attending today, we were surprised, as he did vote against us, and strongly recommended the proposal went ahead. I even reminded him today of his words at that meeting : Cr Mayne : …rejecting  this development would send a disappointing message to our planning department who have worked hard on this, and to the developers…  Having said that, good on him for coming and listening, I hope he shares this with all councilors.

We discussed how Council said they were “Protecting us”, and then Mayor Gough says  – we were “Marked for Drastic Change”. He said this almost word for word, the day after Mr Molan said it.


If the Councilors stop worrying about what we the voters care about, they had better start looking for a new job.

If the council goes against the residents, they then should expect some fight back too.

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2 Responses to “Street Protest a Great Success”

  1. Warren Welsh says:

    This arbitrary process applicable to these planning decisions is contrary and ignorant of the basic principles of our democratic system and a blatant misuse and breach of community trust.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very good effort by all participants in the protest and congratulations to the organisers who worked so hard for this event.
    The Question still remains in my mind as to the effect of such activities ( I will admit that it is better that not doing anything).
    Yes, they (the power there is) hear us but what are they going to do about it. Even Mary Wooldrige, Brian Tee who came and meet us were (seems to me) non committal although they sound supportive.
    At VCAT preliminary hearing on 16 Sept, I can’t help but feel that the decision is a foregone conclusion that the developer will have the day when the time comes (however, we have to remain positive and continue our ardous battle though) especially when I noticed that developer’s representative was smiling at the young lawyer sent by the Manningham Council (as if to say, see, it is a piece of cake).

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