Surveys the Council didn’t want…

Good Evening all,  there has been a lot going on lately, I have just got back into town and the fall lout from the Councils Residential Strategy night was apparent.Lots of residents disappointed in the councils poor effort of resident involvement, and clearly opposite position to the residents they are supposed to represent.

The second night is Nov 9th – for those like myself who missed the first one.

A couple of impromptu votes showed some truth in the evening:

 1. Julie asked how the participants were informed about this meeting? “How many people attended tonight because of the information  in the Leader or pamphlet in the letter box ( Council Notices.)  then asked for a show of hands. At least 90% indicated they came because of RAIDID group efforts.

 2. Someone asked for a show of hands re if they thought that these high density developments were appropriate. Again a show of hands indicated that 90% thought they were not appropriate.

From Julie Preston – after the meeting

Dear all, my thanks to those who attended last night’s meeting. The room was packed. Wasn’t it amazing to see the show of hands indicating that approximately 95% of people turned up because of our flyer in letter boxes and not because of how the Council notified residents!  I am hoping that the Council is starting to see that we are not happy with these high rise developments in suburban streets.

We all need to get behind the petitions and sign the submission as according to Gabriella “that is the only way we will be informed.” I personally find the process of how the Council informs its residents offensive.

I would urge all who were unable to attend last night to attend the next session on Wednesday 9th Nov from 7.30pm to 9.00 pm at the Council chambers. The format goes like this:

The Council talks about the strategy

The Council talks about the survey that they performed (don’t get me started on that)

Then there is a chance to write questions on, you guessed it, butchers’ paper! 

Each table will have the opportunity to ask 3 of your questions. I think we had 15 questions.  The facilitator ( who is not a Council employee) will then select a few questions to be answered.

The facilitator don’t take statements, but we got around this by saying our statement first with a question at the end of the sentence.

Apparently they will answer all questions in a few weeks time and have their answers on the Council website. I tool a photo of our butchers paper and a photo of the white board to double check. You should do the same.

My suggestion is to think of your questions now, take them along with you and use this opportunity to make the Council sit up and take some notice – again.

We tried to follow the rules of the meeting, but we (I) could not help but interject when stupid and incorrect statements were made by the Council including that apparently we had not read the new draft residential strategy and that is why this information session was being held.

Julie Preston


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  1. dave says:

    Having been to a number of functions over the years and seeing the opposition to the Council’s plans, i found it strange they always reported that feedback from audience on the night was positive. It was only after the last one i attended (perhaps 3 years ago), when i noticed a pro development councillor come directly over to where i and other “passionate” objectors had been sitting. When nearly everyone had left the room, he proceeded to collect the our feedback forms and read them. I alerted my fellow stragglers and confronted him. All this Councillor could do was mumble and dribble. It was then i understood. My only concern then was whether our feedback forms for the last ten years had been placed into the correct rubbish bin.

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