Draft Residential Strategy – Delayed at Council meeting – Thankyou

Due mostly to you all, and your letters to council, the draft Strategy was not passed last night, rather it has been held back for ONE month to allow us all to review and raise issues with our councilors. Cr Reid conveyed the story well.

At the next council meeting alterations can be discussed / proposed / and hopefully included, before it goes to the next stage of review.

We have been told we the residents will get more input after the vote, however we already see major conflicts, weaknesses, and ambiguities in the base document that we think should be addressed before it moves on.

The Koonung ward councilors are arranging a meeting with any-one who has input  – likely date evening of March 13th  – so by then we need to have torn the document apart, exposed i’s weaknesses, and proposed a better way.


Any-one ready, willing and able please contact us to join in the workshops. We are merging several Manningham groups into this one


See section 9.1 http://www.manningham.vic.gov.au/council/council_meetings/agendas_and_minutes.html?s=1183564987

Speak up talk to your councilors – tell them how you want them to address this and how to vote for you.

The Councilors are being asked to vote on this as a whole single item, (section 2 Proposal /Issue,)  We would like to see them vote yes & no on specific sections.     Yes to complete the outstanding reviews, NO to other items.

 Having Recently been through VCAT, and been part of long arguments about what was intended for sites less than 1800m2, we can tell you the proposed changes in this strategy document do not clarify or go far enough.

 The mandatory limits are an improvement, but they DO NOT stop 3 storey developments on sites under 1800m2, in DD08.

They allow 10 meters on both DD08 Precinct A&B, and 10 meters is enough for three Storeys.

                         See 1.27 For example 1800m2 in Precinct B is ENCOURAGED as Two Storeys, but not limited to.

                        In Precinct A, 1800m2  gets you 10m or 11 on a slope. again “encouragement” not rules.

            If the Council wants to clarify for all including VCAT, there can be no doubt.

 As for the new Precinct + Main Road, Council discretion for extra height, and small sites is not a fixed rule, and what about the neighbors behind that extra height?

Draft Residential Strategy

Section 9.1 Summary.


Council is now required to consider all submissions received and determine the

approval of the Strategy. In summary 16 changes are proposed to the draft

Residential Strategy. 11 changes are proposed in the Action Plan, of which seven

(7) relate to the Design and Development Overlay – Schedule 8 (DDO8).

It is proposed to proceed with an amendment to the Manningham Planning Scheme,

(as a high priority) that makes changes to the existing Schedule 8 of the Design and

Development Overlay (DDO8) planning control to introduce a Main Road subprecinct,

and strengthen the distinction between sub-precincts A and B. Importantly,

the proposed amendment seeks to introduce a compulsory (mandatory) maximum

height and compulsory (mandatory) minimum lot size in sub-precinct A and a

compulsory (mandatory) maximum height in sub-precinct B.

It is recommended that Council approve the Residential Strategy subject to the

changes outlined in Attachment 1. It is also recommended that Council request the

Minister for Planning’s authorization to proceed with preparation and exhibition of an

amendment to change the existing Design and Development Overlay (DDO8),

generally in accordance with the draft DDO8 changes included as Attachment 3.

1.11. The main issues raised in relation to the DDO8 areas were:

  • · The need to protect the character and amenity in courts and side streets

(101 submissions).

  • · Support for 3 storey /11m on main roads only (90 submissions).
  • · Request for mandatory controls: heights, setbacks, car parking,

consolidation (95 submissions).

  • · No increase to the existing building heights (96 submissions).
  • · No extension to the DDO8 boundary but rather a reduction is required

(95 submissions).

  • · Concern for increased traffic and pressure on on-street car parking (107



1.12. Issues raised by the remaining submitters may be summarised as being:

  • · Impact on residential character, design and amenity (109 submissions).
  • · Eastern Golf Course (5 submissions), the Doncaster Hill (5 submissions)

Activity Centre (96 submissions).

  • · Non urban issues (93 submissions): maintain (91) / allow subdivision (2).
  • · Concerns regarding the capacity of infrastructure, services and

environment impacts (10 submissions).

  • · Lack of effective community consultation with draft Residential Strategy

and Amendment C50 in April 2005 (101 submissions)


1.25. In summary the following recommendations are made as Key Changes to


1.26. Introduce a new ‘main road’ sub-precinct where the preferred height limit

(11m) and lot sizes (1,800sqm) are maintained. This precinct would apply to

only those lots fronting a Main Road and which is currently within a subprecinct

A. It is noted that a ‘main road precinct’ was identified as part of the

exhibition of Amendment C50. The main roads identified in the Main Road

sub-precinct are Doncaster, Tram and Elgar Roads, Manningham and parts of

Thompsons, Blackburn, Bulleen, Mitcham and Springvale Roads.


1.27. The preferred height and lot sizes would not be compulsory (mandatory) as

there may be circumstances where developers can demonstrate that good

design and development outcomes can be provided. This flexibility will also

assist to minimise underdevelopment on Main Roads.

  • · Change the provisions of sub – precinct A to provide for a compulsory

(mandatory) requirement for height limits and minimum lot size.

– 11 metres for development on lots of 1800sqm or more.

– 9 metres for development on lots less than 1,800sqm.

  • · Within this sub-precinct three storey development (including

townhouses and apartments), with a maximum building height of 11

metres would only be encouraged on lots of 1800 sqm or more, whilst

a lower building height with a maximum height of 9 metres (10m on a

sloping site) would be encouraged on lots less than 1800sqm.




  • · Change the provisions of sub-precinct B by introducing a compulsory

(mandatory) maximum height of 9m and 10m on a sloping site. No

minimum lot size is specified, as reflected in the existing sub-precinct B


  • · Within this sub-precinct, two storey development with a

maximum height of 9 metres would be encouraged on lots less than

1800sqm.  ENCOURAGED as Two Storeys, but not  limited to.

  • · Change Clause 21.05 (residential issues) to introduce the

‘Main Road’ sub-precinct and strengthen the distinction between the

Main Road precinct, sub-precinct A and B, with particular attention

given to promoting lesser scale multi-unit development (and not

apartments) in sub-precinct B.

  • · Change the design and siting provisions by:

– Minimising unsightly car basement projections.

– Increasing side setbacks to allow additional landscaping around

buildings to improve the overall appearance of the building.

– Improving the overall design of a building to ensure that it is

visually compatible within the streetscape.

2.2 Section 1,

2. Modify wording in Section 3 of the Strategy (Strategic Framework) to add

clarity and strengthen requirements regarding planning for growth in infrastructure,

affordability, design and function of developments to accommodate the ageing

population and people with mobility issues. (Change 1q)


Include definition of growth targets, and average growth expectation per site.

4. Modify wording in Section 3.5 (Improve Residential Design, Character and

ESD) to encourage developers to incorporate ESD in developments and as part of

the overall function of the buildings. Encouraging rain gardens, community spaces

and the protection and planting of gardens and more trees to retain the current

community character. (Change 1n)

Include definition of maintaining Existing Character.

Include definition of maintaining family housing single dwellings near schools, and transport.


We like the Community spaces idea – encourage it to be community, not just internal building community.

5. In Section 3.7 (Providing Sustainable Infrastructure Provision) include two new

dot points under ‘Residential Design Outcomes to be achieved’:

  • · ensure any improvements or construction of infrastructure facilities be planned

in advance to meet the timing and range of the developments; and

  • · include the “demand for power, water and associated infrastructure “.

Also include additional information to identify infrastructure planning initiatives with

the relevant infrastructure providers. (Change 1m)


Include Traffic & Parking management, including a restriction to consume only a proportional share of available resources.

That is: parking will not overflow beyond that site – Allowing for anticipated residents and visitors 90% of the time. ( occasional overruns)

Section 4 – ACTION PLAN


9. Add the following sentence to Action 1.8 (reinforcing precincts in the MSS)

Consider the introduction of a Main Road sub-precinct. (Change 1c)

Higher along Main roads – backs onto and Overshadows neighbors behind – They want to allow more than the 9m to 11m ( 3 Storeys,) already available.


 14. Modify Actions 2.1 (review of DDO8) and 2.3 (review of cul-de-sacs) to give

consideration to mandatory controls. In Action 2.3 following the ‘review of cul-desacs,

include reference to side streets. (Change 1b)

This sounds like they will not offer consider any increased restrictions for one ended streets and the inherent traffic restrictions.

That being the case, we ask for all Cul-de-sacs, and no through roads in the DD08 precinct A to be changed to precinct B.



2.4. It is also recommended that Council proceed with a planning scheme

amendment to DDO8, (as a high priority) to incorporate the changes

summarised in the following below.

Summary of Key Recommendations for Proposed Amendment to DDO8

Element main road subprecinct

Proposed Change: Introduce a new Main road sub-precinct


This sub-precinct would only apply to those lots fronting onto a Main Road

and which are currently within subprecinct A

 What does it mean?

The provisions for height and consolidation within a main road sub-precinct would be the same as the

existing provisions that apply to sub-precinct A.


– Minimum lot size – 1,800m2 (can be reduced with Council permission)

– 11 metres building height (can be increased with Council permission)

The provisions allow for flexibility in that Council could consider an application on a site with an area less than 1,800m2 or a building with a height greater than 11 metres (3 storeys). This will only be met in cases where policy and design objectives are met.

 NO COUNCIL DISCRETION to allow extra height, or smaller lots ! Developers are already applying for 23 apartments on a single small block ( 1400 m2) – 33-35 Queens st Doncaster

 Limit All DD08 blocks under 1800 m2 to a maximum of two storeys.


This list is just a few areas that need work….

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