Manningham Election Preference Vote review

Here is some analysis of the Manningham elections, the voting outcomes, and how candidates preferences helped them.

By the way there is a court challenge underway as one of the candidates ( Bob Beynon,) has stated another ( David Muscat,) had a criminal record and so was not eligible to be in the running, nor were his vote allowed to be distributed as preferences. It’s currently in the magistrates court.

Would you like to see who’s preferences paid off ?

See the charts on the attached spreadsheet titled: “Heide Preference Value” etc. It is all based on the VEC Published numbers  – also included on the spreadsheet see sheets named “Heide PRDistribution” etc. Manningham VEC votes Review RAIDID 2012  XLS Spreadsheet. Appologies to Mullum Mullum residents for leaving one “l” out of Mulum on the graphs – too late to go back and fix now !

Koonung: Dot owes Anna Chen big time

Mullum Mullum : Meg Downie Owes B. Frankhauser,  & R.Hoser, Paul owes P.Piccinni, Sophie Owes M.Pini

Heide : Jim Owes Grace, Michelle owes Ed.O’Flynn.  Emily could have won if Ed placed her higher… Ed had Michelle (2) Emily (5) ( see preferences Manningham City Council 2012 candidates )

However if  Emily was Ed’s (3) it might have got both Michelle & Emily over the line…

So here are the summaries:

You can see that it was all decided by the preferences in Mullum Mullum.

In Koonung Dot beat Mike by preferences. Jennifer was past the required Quota of 5092 votes on her own, and Stephen was close on his own.

In Heide, Gough was 160 Votes short of the required 5396 on his own primary votes, The next 5 of 7  could have played out differently based on Preference allocations.

More on the elections can be found here Including links to the VEC source data.

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