Eastern Golf Club Development Public Info Sessions

Mirvac are seeking community involvement around their plans to develop the Eastern Golf Course into 800 dwellings.

Mirvac are holding “informal drop in style Community information sessions” in November.

Location : Eastern Golf Course  535 Doncaster Rd, Vic  ( Melways 47 B1)

Dates : Wednesday Nov 14th 2012 from 3pm to 5:30pm, & Sunday Nov 18th 2012, from 1pm to 3:30pm

No sales !  This is for community consultation about the plans and impacts to surrounds.

There are FAQs and other information on the Mirvac flyer here: Vision & status 2012-11-05 EGC Mirvac Public info sessions pg01     FAQs, Next Steps  2012-11-05 EGC Mirvac Public info sessions pg02

4 Responses to “Eastern Golf Club Development Public Info Sessions”

  1. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    The 1,000 Eastern Golf Club members seem to be an odd lot.They have voted to sell their club for $100mill and what do they get out of it?
    Membership of a golf club at Whoop Whoop.
    If demutualised that means on average $100,000 each less costs!

    • Wayne Keating says:

      Actually they get a financially viable club with a vastly expanded range of recreational facilities in a beautiful location that is as close to the existing site as could be managed. Apart from the fact that the club’s constitution prohibits distribution of the club’s assets amongst members, it would be immoral for current members to attempt to ‘steal’ those assets that were provided by generous past members for the benefit of future ones.

  2. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    The constitution was changed to sell out the members rights to avail themselves of a facility which some had contributed to for 50years.
    Is the Whoop Whoop site more beautiful to those players that live in Doncaster?
    Members followed the path set be you and others to relocate to Croydon and found themselves trapped.
    If the Yering site was/is unsuitable what next Bairnsdale?
    Lucky for Mirvac – unlucky for blase members

  3. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    Wow! $25 million for 1.17 hectares of Bunnings land.
    Those clever people that organised the sale of Eastern Golf Course have more egg on their faces.
    $100 million for 30 times more land certainly looks cheap. Definitly a good buy for Mirvac.

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