VCAT hearing transcription costs

Last week I asked for a copy of the VCAT hearing I was a party in, so that I could refer to it during a planning panel submission.

I was told that  VCAT no longer give copies of the audio, and that I would have to pay for a company to transcribe it.  I am sure that to transcribe two days of hearing, roughly 16 hours, is going to be damn expensive. Particularly as I only need a couple of sections, not the whole thing…. received a quote from one of the parties on the VCAT approved list, it was as follows:

“The cost is $7.50 per A4 page (GST inclusive).  I would estimate for one hearing hour you would receive circa 25 to 30 pages of transcript.( $7.50 x 25-30 pages per hour, x 16 hours = $3,000 – $3,600.)

They also said that I still wouldn’t get the audio file – so I can’t cross check, or show the way things were said… All I wanted is a copy of the recorded file – why can’t VCAT just give it to me on a DVD, or let me download it.  There are no secrets there – we were all present !

From the VCAT Website  (Fair, efficient justice for all Victorians:)  There is a form on the VCAT website to request the transcription service. and Guidelines for Requesting Transcription.

What I suggest, is take your own digital recorder in from your local eletronics store – $70 will get you a 500hr 2Gig recorder – the size of a phone – or just use your phone if it is upto the task.

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