C96 As Adopted High Density Changes to DD08

As previously discussed, the C96 changes to DD08 High Density Residential rule in Manningham has now passed council and is with State Gov. ( DPCD).

The version that council adopted is below, there are two Parts:  MSS 21-05, and the DD08.

Final_Schedule 8__mann_Adoption Version_28 May 8 pages ( 99K)

ROADS) includes all the the enforceable details such as maximum heights.

Final_MSS_21_05__mann_Adoption Version_28 May   16 Pages ( 3Meg)

The  MUNICIPAL STRATEGIC STATEMENT – CLAUSE 21.05, is strategy and description but not enforceable – ie can be varied or discretionary if justified…

These two documents therefore need to be compared to understand what can and can’t be developed, there still is ambiguity to deal with, more on that soon.

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  1. Dean says:

    ive always been in favour of development and had a very hard time getting just two large units on a 1000 square meter block
    I had to do feasibility study’s and impact study’s on traffic additional car parking ect ect
    Now to my amazement there is 17 appartments on an 800 meter block not 100 meters away . I was not informed of this discussion by council and have always made sure my developments are tasteful and blend in to the neighbourhood
    I’m happy to see them on the main road but having one of these monstrositys over look what was neighbours peaceful private backyard and the impact of parking in these streets I feel the council has lost its mind
    I also believe there is an oversupply at the moment and at the very least it should be slowed and more care taken at the planning stage so existing residents have some quality of life
    We have major transport problems for people who do not own a car and I believe that the council should also be looking at improving infer structure before placing all these residents in under serviced areas
    Why couldn’t they build the 500 or more appartments on top of Westfield shopping centre this would have minimal impact on neighbouring streets , the services are all there , it has a great view and no other back streets would be impacted
    Come on guys this is important once these things are built there’s no going back think about the future
    I’m pro development but this is stupid

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