It is strange Manningham Council now talk about the problem of traffic congestion when their own consultants (GTA) had failed to raise the issue in any of their preliminary studies except for a grade separation for pedestrians….

Manningham engineers advise, with or without the provision of rail at Doncaster Hill, a grade-separation of buses will be required through the Hill. Plans have yet to be completed but it is likely, given the area topography, a combination of both bridges and tunnels would be needed to achieve the desired grade separation

Without this, road-based public transport services will fail to operate successfully on Doncaster Hill due to the delay and impact, primarily to buses, caused by ongoing development and increasing traffic congestion in the activities area.

There will also be a need for a grade separations for pedestrians particularly at the Doncaster Road/Williamsons Road/Tram Road intersection which links to Westfield Shopping centre and a public transport interchange and/or surrounding land use proposals.

Presumably funding and approval of the project would have come from our cash strapped state government.

Details in the published documents below.

  • Manningham council – 7th Nov 02 minutes of meeting officers and GTA
  • doncaster rail study phase one recommendations report – manningham cc submission_final
  • GTA Traffic Modelling September 2002


  1. Sorrell says:

    This is all about job retention in the bureaucracy gone mad! How are they going to achieve a grade separation on such steep inclines that exist on Doncaster Hill? After 12 years of propaganda, expensive studies and so called traffic reports, they now tell us, for the first time, that road based bus services will fail to operate successfully due to the impact of development and increasing traffic congestion on Doncaster Hill. The administration knew of these problems from the very outset, but they were not addressed for fear that the strategy could be abandoned.

  2. Nick and Con says:

    Doncaster Hill was a poor choice for a principal activity centre because of its remoteness, the difficult terrain and its lack of basic infrastructure. It has no railway, very little employment and the surrounding approach streets are so steep they are an impediment to walking and cycling, the essential ingredients for an activity centre, according to the state planning authority.
    We could not find any reference to the area topography, gradients or slopes etc in the GTA Doncaster Hill Strategy Traffic Modelling and Analysis Paramics Simulation Final Report, traffic forecasts, or in any other study posted on the Manningham Council website, including at least three pedestrian and cycling plans.
    For several years, Manningham officers had extensively promoted a shared pedestrian/cycling path, on widened footpaths, to surround the core of the centre, but were forced to abandon it due to public liability issues and the community concern of the danger to pedestrians, children and residents exiting their properties, from cyclists speeding down the sloping footpaths.
    Below is the shared pedestrian/cycling circuit path first proposed, shown in Blue and the revised edition showing the path in Red as a walking route only using the existing footpaths.

    Nick and Con

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