The Melbourne Metropolitan Project (MMP), will now be known as The Rail Capacity Project. There has not been a commitment of funding from the current Federal government…

Federal government rules out funding for Melbourne Airport rail-link


The PPP (Public Private Partnership) discussed below for the Cranbourne /Pakenham Project is a consortium of  MTR, John Holland Construction and UGL Rail Services which will finance, build and manage the Cranbourne/ Pakenham project for 15 years, a different kettle of fish to the funding and management of the MMP/RCP

Message below from Kate Hardwick, manager of Major Transport Investments (Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure)

The Cranbourne Pakenham Project will be financed in a similar way to a PPP arrangement.

A consortia of MTR, John Holland Construction and UGL Rail Services will design, build, finance and maintain the infrastructure included in the project. They will maintain the high capacity trains, the train maintenance depot and high capacity signalling infrastructure for 15 years from completion.

This means earlier completion of the different package elements to the residents of Melbourne’s south east who will be experiencing the benefits of this investment from 2019.

The budget impact will be very similar to a typical PPP, including payment of an availability fee (the Annual Service Payment) commencing in full from 2019-20.

The MMP, now known as the Rail Capacity Project, was provided with $40 million from the Federal Government for project development in the 2009 Budget. There has not been a commitment of funding from the current Federal Government.

The Rail Capacity Project is core to achieving the Government’s transport vision, as outlined in the Metropolitan Planning Strategy (Plan Melbourne), Public Transport Victoria’s Network Development Plan and the freight strategy (Victoria: The Freight State) and the Victorian Government allocated $49.7 million in its 2012/13 State Budget to further progress planning and development work for the project, with $10.2 million for 2013/2014


  1. Dalray says:

    The prospect of a railway station on Doncaster Hill is now extremely unlikely if the renaming of the city’s rail network expansion is any guide. After less than two years, the Melbourne Metropolitan Project (MMP) a nine kilometre rail tunnel with five new underground stations which was to be the cornerstone of Melbourne’s rail network expansion, has been renamed the Rail Capacity Project (RCP)The name change and the lack of any funding commitment from the Federal Government are strong pointers towards a scaled down version, possibly a widening of various tracks and a new line here and there.

  2. Synstrat says:

    How can you take this new rail network plan seriously, let alone the possibility of a rail link to Doncaster Hill, when you weigh up the huge costs against all available funding? State government had allocated only $49,000,700 in 20/12/13 budget plus a paltry $10,200,000 for 2013/2014.
    Mr Mulder’, the minister for transport said; “the correspondence was so fanciful it may as well have had a dozen tattslotto ticket attached to it”
    The Federal Government, who were expected to finance the project have already refused to fund the Airport link and have been quoted as saying they will not fund urban rail. The cost of the MMP, the Rail Capacity Project, which was to be completed before any new lines could be added to the rail network, was estimated at around $11,000,000,000, according to the transport minister, and the cost of a rail line to Doncaster Hill, including the uncoupling and redirecting of the South Morang line, was estimated at approximately $10,000,000,000 according to the latest rail study.


  3. Tracy says:

    How about we approach the IMF. They have approved a loan of 18 Billion to bailout Ukraine .


  4. Warren says:

    Response to question put to Mary Wooldridge re Rail Network.

    Hi Warren,
    Just following up on your query in relation to t he name “Melbourne Metro Project” being changed to “Melbourne Rail Capacity Project”. I referred your query to Minister Mulder’s office who have provided the following explanation:

    “The Metro Rail Capacity Project, in conjunction with other major transport initiatives, will have a transformational role in the development of Melbourne’s rail network by increasing capacity on the lines serving Melbourne’s growth areas in the north, west and southeast, while delivering infrastructure vital for the future expansion of Melbourne’s railways.

    The Victorian Coalition Government is reviewing project options to ensure value for money, reduce disruption and construction affects to residents, businesses and travellers of or through Melbourne’s CBD and environs and better align the project with Melbourne’s future growth patterns.

    This is a complex project. The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to undertaking the necessary preparatory work to ensure that the project is ready to be constructed.”

    I have also asked for details on the current status of the Doncaster Railway which the staff at the Minister’s office are looking into and will get back to me shortly. I will keep you informed.

    Hopefully this is helpful.


    Gail Sproule
    Electorate Officer to:
    Mary Wooldridge MP
    Member for Doncaster


  5. Patrick says:

    They are preparing the community for a drastically reduced rail plan.
    Below is another example;
    “The Victorian Coalition Government is investing in a public transport system for the future. The Cranbourne-Pakenham Rail Corridor Project is one step in that plan along with the work we are doing planning the Melbourne Rail Capacity Project and the Doncaster Rail Study.

    The Melbourne Rail Capacity Project name better reflects the significant capacity benefits that the project will provide to the metropolitan train network.

    The project is an important step to progress rail links to Doncaster, Melbourne Airport and Rowville, as well as electrifications to Melton and Wallan.

    Project options for the Metro Rail Capacity Project are being reviewed to ensure value for money, reduce disruption and construction impacts, and better align it with the future growth of Melbourne.
    The Victorian Government has provided $6.5 million to examine a number of options for providing a high-quality heavy rail link to Doncaster, and the Stage One Draft Recommendations Report was released in March 2013.
    A number of rail network capacity challenges are identified in the study findings, which would need to be addressed before a rail line to Doncaster could be introduced.
    These challenges include measures to increase the number of trains that can be run on the busy South Morang and Hurstbridge group of lines.”

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