Self Containment of Travel Within an LGArea

Manningham  is the Third Lowest Local Government Area, ( LGA,) when it comes to living and working in the same area. A significant reason that most people in Manningham rely on car travel.

 Self-containment of travel

Self-containment shows the proportion of work journeys that originate and end in the same local area. High self-containment is seen as beneficial as it indicates a relatively even distribution of jobs and dwellings, and the opportunity for shorter journeys between work and home.

For the purpose of this analysis self-containment has been defined as journey to work trips which start in a certain LGA and end in the same or a neighboring LGA. However, the size of an LGA has not been controlled for. Thus, larger LGAs may show higher levels of self-containment simply due to the increased distances that can be travelled without leaving the municipality. For example, the LGA of Mildura and its neighboring LGAs will cover a much larger area than the Melbourne LGA and its neighbouring LGAs. Figure 3 shows the self-containment in metropolitan LGAs and regional centres in 2011.

For the metropolitan area the inner LGAs have a relatively high self-containment. This ranges from 60 per cent of work journey trips (Moonee Valley and Maribyrnong) up to 77 per cent (Stonnington). For the Melbourne LGA 68 per cent of journey to work trips go to the same or neighboring LGAs.In comparison, self-containment in the growth areas ranges between 44 per cent in Cardinia and 52 per cent in Whittlesea.

In the regional centres, self-containment is higher than in the metropolitan area. Greater Shepparton has the highest self-containment with 96 per cent of work trips travelling locally or to a neighboring LGA. Greater Geelong has the lowest self-containment with 85 per cent, which is still considerably higher than the 77 per cent in Stonnington. It should be remembered that regional LGAs cover a larger geographical area, so that people who come from a neighboring LGA may still travel relatively long distances.

ABS 2011 Census Self Containment of Travel LGA fig 3

Source: ABS Census 2011, Working Population Profile

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  1. Amelia says:

    It was predicted that the Doncaster Hill Activity Centre itself would generate 10,000 jobs by 2021, however, according to the ABS, there was only small increase in part time employment but a steady decline in full time jobs, throughout Manningham, since 1996.
    These findings correlate with the Self Containment graph which indicates that Manningham residents are employed elsewhere.

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