Proposed NetworkA Railway Station on Doncaster Hill was not even considered in the report’s recommendations below due to its impracticality and the huge costs involved.

The reports do not mention the cost of deviating the South Morang line, required before the Doncaster line could be connected, estimated to be about the same as building a rail line to Doncaster Park and Ride, which (Click on map to enlarge)     means their combined cost could exceed $10 Billion.    

Disclaimer: The Department of Transport, its advisers and consultants do not make any representation of warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information contained in these documents.

Doncaster-Study-Scope                          DoncasterRailStudy-Phase1Recomm-CHAP1+WELCOME-2014

The third stage of the plan is proposed for implementation within 15 years.

Stage 3 of the plan includes addressing the capacity constraints

…..of the Clifton Hill group by constructing a second inner city tunnel from Clifton Hill via Parkville to the city to accommodate a new route for the uncoupled South Morang line.

This would separate the Clifton Hill group into two separate lines and provide capacity to accommodate services for a heavy rail connection to the Doncaster  Park and Ride. The Doncaster rail extension would connect to the Hurstbridge line near Collinwood, then both Doncaster and Hurstbridge services would operate via the existing Clifton Hill rail loop. However there are many other more urgent projects, such as the Northern Loop, Airport Link and the Fishermans Bend tunnel prioritised ahead of Doncaster Rail.

The Metro Rail Capacity Project, a down sized version of the $9 Billion Melbourne Metropolitan Project, which would still cost many billions, would need to be completed before the construction of a rail line to Doncaster would be possible..





  1. Lecki says:

    There goes another $6.5 million thrown in the air.
    Nothing new in the report and what little information contained in the glossy Study Scope document could be printed on a postage stamp once the bureaucratic twaddle is removed.
    The 15 year period for completion of a railway to Doncaster is nothing but a ploy to ensure the individuals currently accountable for the deception would have moved on by that time.

  2. Spearmint says:

    What would be the benefit of a train line to Park and Ride when the residents of Doncaster Hill and East Doncaster would still have to catch the bus or travel by car to the railway station?
    It would be difficult for motorists because there are limited areas for parking unless they were to build a multi-level car park there ….don’t forget the residents of the adjacent area bordering Greythorn and beyond would also be train travelers.
    Cycling there would be difficult because there is no provision for east bound riders in that part of Doncaster Road.
    Neither document explained why the railway could not be extended to the Hill in fact Doncaster Hill was not even mentioned!

  3. P.Nolan says:

    The closest we came to getting a rail line to Doncaster was when the government approved the 1972 line via King Street to Blackburn Road.
    It was officially cancelled after an independent panel recommended against it in 1991, but it was already dead and buried in 1984 when the land reserved for its construction, was sold off by the Cain government.


  4. Casper says:

    130,000 people choose to live in Manningham without trams or trains.

    We do expect that car travel, for point to point and frequency that can’t be matched by any public transport, is reasonably available.
    Box Hill with trams and trains still needs buses and the road traffic is becoming more cluttered in this suburb.
    Dreamers wont accept the findings of the many studies that show cars travel past railway stations to get to the freeway.
    It would be cheaper and more effective to make bus travel free of charge than spend billions on a train to Doncaster
    The elephant in the room is, of course, the ridiculous population increase of over 300,000 per year in Australia, triple the rate of the USA per head of population.

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