The high rise housing trend comes accompanied by socialising around the balcony barbecue; whether it’s kids from the far flung suburbs, or their empty nester parents who’ve downsized to an apartment.

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It’s nice to enjoy this great Autumn weather to get outside and fire up the barbecues even those who live in apartment towers, who have limited space on their balconies, can now enjoy this luxury thanks to the latest grillers and tables designed especially for very cramped areas. Living in a detached home certainly has many perks but it does not mean that everyone has the luxury of boundless green gardens and varnished oak decking to enjoy their outdoors so we need grillers and tables that are portable and can be used on an a small balcony.


Balcony half  table

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High density apartment barbecues are popular in modern buildings, even where the balconies are small. To maintain barbecue harmony within such buildings, respect for other residents is essential. Be mindful that smoke and smells can affect your neighbours, and when cooking on a barbecue, be considerate. Responsibility, common sense and cleanliness are essential when using barbecues, whether on a balcony or in a backyard it is essential to keep a barbecue’s drip tray clean and not let excess oil build up which could result in a fat fire.







  1. Paul says:

    The Commons in Florence Street, Brunswick has won many awards. It also wins an award for having decking on the balcony that you can see your neighbours above and below through the cracks in the decking floor. The fumes of a BBQ on the decking rise up through the cracks whilst the drips go down, along with the spillages of drinks and food. Never fear, the sweeping of the upper decks will provide a cloud of dust for the inhabitants on the decks below.
    The lovely view of Melbourne city to the south will soon be built out by other over-developments.

    1. Jordan says:

      How could the Commons have won an award let alone obtain approval? What other cost cutting measures were employed? It doesn’t get any better on Doncaster Hill time you are out this way have a look at the underground apartments in Tower Street on the corner of Berkley Street. At least three are completely below the Tower Street pavement, a huge bonus the Manningham council had given the developer.

  2. Emily says:

    My fear is that couples with children will have no option but to purchase one of these high rise apartments because they cannot afford a proper house.
    If a slum is akin to an area where children are brought up in tiny concrete cages where you can’t swing a cat, where there is no place for children to play and where the police are attending on a nightly basis–then we are building them right here and now.

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