Clay Drive Residences Click to enlarge

Clay Drive Residences
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Proposed Bypass Road Click to enlarge

Proposed Bypass Road
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Manningham Council had planned to create a bypass road through the residential streets south of Doncaster Hill to help ease congestion on Doncaster Road. Hepburn Road was to be extended across Clay Drive through to Tram Road via Frederick and Merlin Streets to carry south bound traffic but it now appears that the extension can only go as far as Clay drive because the area between Clay drive and Frederick Street, thought

to be a council reserve, was actually part of a major development site within the Doncaster Hill periphery and cannot be acquired. If the plan was to proceed, the full length of Clay Drive would become a collector road to take traffic from Hepburn Road and directly from Doncaster Road through to Tram Road.

Private Reserve Blocks Path Of Service Road Click to enlarge

Private Reserve Blocks Path Of Bypass Road
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Children outdoors at play Click to enlarg

Children outdoors at play
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A resident had asked Councillor Yang to investigate whether the privately owned parkland could be used by locals, visitors and residents of the Pinnacle development in return for council maintaining it. Council said they were not prepared to negotiate with the owner for temporary use of  the reserve. They were unable to offer an alternative option but indicated they might be able to establish a pedestrian path through the private open space of any new building if the site was ever redeveloped. The path could then extend through the site, cross Clay Drive and establish a pedestrian link to a future reserve to be created on the south side Hepburn Road east, more than two hundred metres away from the Pinnacle apartments.


  1. Dalray says:

    Our side streets will have to be used to reduce congestion levels well before Doncaster Hill is fully developed. Traffic volumes in Doncaster Road are already at similar levels to what had existed prior to the Eastern Freeway extension in November 1997. The Clay Drive entry to Tram Road has already been widened for a dedicated left turn.

  2. Parent says:

    You would have thought that Manningham Council, who have all the maintenance equipment, could have had at least made an effort and asked the owner. It would have been good spot for an outdoor lunch and an ideal play area for children of the surrounding high rises. Lack of outdoor open space near an apartment tower usually does not become a concern for parents until their child asks for the first time…. ”Can I go out to play”?

    1. Two Children says:

      We can’t complain about open space for children to play because there isn’t any….unless we are prepared to ferry them. We will not allow our children to ride bikes around Doncaster Hill because it is too dangerous. Not all parents can afford a detached house with a backyard so why can’t these high rise apartments buildings be made more family friendly? Yet Ex MP Mr Brian Tee said, in part, “The Doncaster Hill strategy is a great example of a strong and vibrant community which is an ideal place for people to work, live and raise a family”.

  3. Cargy says:

    The Doncaster Hill road network will have difficulty in dispersing traffic generated by the high rise strategy once it is developed because there are only two roads that go anywhere all other streets loop back to Doncaster and Williamsons/Tram Roads. Clay Drive is not suitable as a collector road because it is too narrow.

  4. Refulgent says:

    We were not told that the reserve was privately owned and would block the Hepburn Road extension running through to Frederick Street.
    If the land couldn’t be acquired why hadn’t council informed us, it would seem that the petition we signed to prevent this happening was just a waste of time.

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