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Curlew Court

The Residents are voting with their feet !

This was the scene leaving Curlew Court, and marching up to the Council offices on Sunday. Click on the photos to see the full picture It was a great turnout – thanks to all for showing their support, and a big thanks to all those that helped make it work. We hope this show of […]

Street Protest a Great Success

Well today’s Community Event was great, good weather, good turn out, lots of interest, and a good sausage sizzle. Curlew court was a buzz with activity, some feisty chat, the valuable stories and information from the audience, and our message loud and clear: Stop multistory apartment over developments in Manningham. They are not for the […]

Curlew crt VCAT part 1 – Practice Day

Hello all, Well we survived the first day at VCAT, quite Painless really, it was a ”Practice Day.” Thanks to Frank, Lisa, and Bill for joining me there. At a practice day the presiding “Chair person” confirmed who we were, whether we would present at a Hearing, rough time needed, and is there any chance […]

It’s a nice weekend for a Protest – Sunday Sept 18th – 11:30

We welcome you all to join us at our street Rally this Sunday. With the Councils arrogance flowing out, it is time we send a message of strength out to remind the council that they are there to support the residents that pay their wages. We will meet at Curlew court Doncaster, then March our […]

MP Marry Wooldridge now knows Curlew Court and DD08 zoning a little better.

Doncaster Member of Parliament Mary Wooldridge came good on her offer to see Curlew Court first hand today. Hopefully Mary can assist in our fight to keep most of Curlews’ existing character. After all Mary is part of the state government, and DD08 zone regulations belong to the State Government. Curlew is of course, just […]

Curlew court Rejection – Classic Councillor Comments

As I said late last night in the previous Post, there was a lot of hot debating, and some unsavoury nasty characters using personal attacks – very dis-appointing behaviour. I am glad the Councilors that Voted our way Kept their decorum throughout the night. I tried to get the exact words down – these are […]

Brian Tee – Visits Curlew Court

Thanks to Brian Tee ( Shadow Minister for Planning,) for Visiting Curlew Court personally and spending an hour talking through the difficulties we have, dealing with developments, planning departments, and council. His input today was both valuable, and down to earth, we thank him for his time, standing on the rain, and afterwards. We discussed […]

Curlew WINs One – Development rejected by Council.

Well after some heated debate, we won this round, the Manningham Council rejected the 30 unit development inside our Court. It was noted that this is the first development of this density in a Court, and that deserved special consideration. The following long debate was mostly along these lines: FOR : Meets the rules, show […]

140 attend RAIDID DD08 Info Night.

Well it was a great turn out for a cold night, which just goes to show how many people are seriously worried about where these developments and zoning is going. The Manningham council planning dept did thier best to explain how these zones were protecting us, and although it got a bit heated at times, […]

Manningham Planning Dept recommend to approve Curlew 5-7, because it suits the neighborhood character.

The report from Maningham Planning Dept talks about how well it meets the planning rules, then explains how it doesn’t but that’s OK because it suits the neighborhood character.        NO it does Not ! EVEN AFTER  Ian Wood gave them lots of non-compliance issues ! Early in the piece they explain how they want the […]