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Mullum Mullum Election Recount

The decision on how to deal with the invalid Local Council candidate David Muscat, and in particular the votes he wrongly took , is as follows: 1. Remove Mr Muscats primary votes, and recount using his preferences. If the three current councillors are still at the top then they stay. or 2. If the final […]

Manningham candidate David Muscat faces court – 2 yrs or $33600

Kristian Silva from the Weekly Review – Eastern has the latest here –Manningham candidate David Muscat faces court The second part of this saga – whether Mullum Mullum is to go back to the polls for a by-election is yet to be decided… The man accused of running as an illegal candidate in last year’s […]

Bi-election May be called for Mullum Mullum

We may get an answer soon on this one, but it sure is messy. If Mr Muscat had withdrawn the 521 primary votes would have gone elsewhere, as would the 26 preferences he collected, that were subsequently distributed across the remaining candidates. So what is the right thing to do with his votes? Delete all […]

Manningham Council Illegal Candidate

As mentioned last week in our post election wrap up, there is a court challenge and review currently in progress due to David Muscat running for council while in-eligible. The Weekly & the Age has now run an article on the topic, and if you consider the preference allocation discussed in the age to our […]

Manningham Election Preference Vote review

Here is some analysis of the Manningham elections, the voting outcomes, and how candidates preferences helped them. By the way there is a court challenge underway as one of the candidates ( Bob Beynon,) has stated another ( David Muscat,) had a criminal record and so was not eligible to be in the running, nor […]

Manningham’s New Councilors 2012

2012-10-28  Sun 9:30pm  Official Winners, your new councilors. Six new councilors, three returning. (Results below are only provisional results) The new councilors will choose a Mayor from amongst themselves November 8th. Koonung Ward: Jennifer Yang (Returning Deputy Mayor),  Steve O’Brien, Dot Hayes.   Mulum Mulum  Ward: Paul McLeish, Meg Downie (Returning Cr), Sophy Galbally.     […]

Look Out Melbourne Council, you now have Stephen Mayne.

This news from the Leader Live – Our ex Manningham Councilor Stephen Mayne has taken his style of  governance to the Melbourne Council. I’m sure he’ll be happy there, lot’s of super high rise buildings to approve… UPDATE 9.15pm: LORD Mayor Robert Doyle has been re-elected to Melbourne Council. The VLGA  said Team Doyle members […]

c96 High Density Recomendations Report on Council Special Meeting agenda Oct 16th

It seems that when we were all told not to delay the Draft Residential Strategy for any further refinement, and that it could all be considered later – some one was not telling the whole truth. After that we were told the c96 exhibition period should be kept short. Now a special meeting has been […]

Manningham’s Council just approved the first 4 storey apartment building in a Side Street – But Mayor Gough says he is against Inappropriate development.

…And Mayor Gough states in his re-election spiel: “I stand for preventing inappropriate development, by ensuring that higher density is limited to our designated zones.” …. “I listen, consult and act with integrity.” Don’t take everything candidates say for face value… Mayor Gough has been very vocal at council meetings in supporting, even promoting the […]

Manningham Council election candidates

Council elections are due this October 27th, 2012. It will be a postal Vote expect the papers in your mail box around Oct 9th. We are keen to help promote key focus areas, and broadcast community sentiment.   RAIDID will also try to provide information and background on prior councilors and candidates. Back to Main Election […]