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High Density DD08 Zoning

High Density Ammendment C96 now approved by state Gov.

The last stage of the C96 saga has now been completed, the state Gov has approved it. As you will find in the plethora of previous articles on this site, C96 amendment was an update to the Planning scheme particularly around DD08 overlay. It allowed higher buildings along main roads, and tried to enforce restricts […]

Big Building Approved next door what can you do now? DUST.

Well if they are going ahead with a development, and particularly when they have started excavating, expect a ton of dust on everything. The house, the path, the clothesline, the pool, the water tank via the roof – remember to clean your gutters when it settles down, and the air-conditioning units. Maybe you should have […]

Rezone for My Profit Too

There is a rezoning application in for Mitchell St Doncaster. ( Jackson Court Supermarket etc.)  As this letter points out why can’t we all rezone?

Tribunal tension – coming to a suburb near you

This article from the Age rings so many bells with those of us who have been to VCAT ( The Victorian Civil &  Administrative Tribunal.) You really don’t want to end up there and it rarely has much in the Residents favor, but if you don’t try you can only loose. ( Try to resolve early at […]

Big Building Approved next door what can you do now? Ground Impact

Well if VCAT and Council say  it is definately going ahead, what can you do? 1. Move out     2. Build a wall      3. Make the most of the time and start growing.    4. Open a multi-storey car parking complex in your street. What about your clothes line, or vegetable patch that now needs moving out […]

Subterranean Apartments

We have a collection of photos below showing how developers are increasing apartment density by sinking apartments underground! The photos below are of an apartment complex corner of Berkley and Tower Streets in Doncaster adjacent to the Westfield Shopping Centre. Sunken living areas have been a measure employed to conceal the true height of a building […]

Living through a Development – Boring

If there is a development going up close by, the utilities might have to run in some bigger pipes and power, if this goes underground, then they might just get BORING. Instead of digging up the entire street, they might dig occasional big holes, and drill or “Bore” in between. this way they only mess […]

Jackson Court Mitchell St Proposal Info night

Some updates  from Graham around the Mitchell St / Jackson court Supermarket, and residential development information night. The development  requires a Planning Zone change to achieve the height & design of the project . Five Levels – 19 meters, with town houses & homes adjoining on the west side See Map image At tonight’s info […]

Demolition Kills Auction

What do you get when you try to sell opposite a large development? ZERO Bids! There is a lovely town house in Curlew court Doncaster Opposite the current demolition works for 30 appartments. Well the auctioneer tried hard, but only got two bids from the sixteen groups of onlookers – and both bids were the […]

Boundary Set Backs and Underpinning when too close

Following from the recent notice to a neighbor of works protruding into his property “Underpinning” Here are the ResCode guide, and the boundary in question, as well as the council’s response to our three questions – which itself will have to be clarified… 1. Does a developer have any right to insist access a neighbour’s […]