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This in From Rodney, taking a look the combination of Excavation and Heights. There are so may loose ends to this amendment (C96 amendment to DD08 High Density Zones,) you have to question the wasting of resources, especially now that they foreshadow yet another amendment. If you read the attachment 4 of the minutes (not […]

Review cul de sacs and side streets within sub-precinct A of DDO8 – Council Agenda 28 May 2013

Not letting of the pressure, this letter has been sent to Manningham Council’s Mayor, Jennifer Yang, seeking the status of the outstanding issues from the C96 amendment that was recently passed. Dear Jennifer,  I would appreciate if you could advise me on where we stand with respect to: Action 2.3: Review cul de sacs and side […]

Developers bank on investors to stave off Melbourne apartment glut

This story from the Fin Review, shows concern for the balance in the Apartment market presently… Developers bank on investors to stave off Melbourne apartment glut 30 MAY 2013 | THE AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW | REBECCA THISTLETON The 22,850 apartment units under construction in Melbourne has sparked fears of an oversupply, however developers are confident […]


We have a response from the Manningham Council Planning Director Teresa Dominik… Does this give you confidence in what could be built around you? Amelia Please find below responses to issues that you require clarification for. These have been provided in blue text.   ·         If council is to follow its […]


This one was sent in by Amelia Tang. Amelia has picked up on some of the outstanding issues of the DD08 Regulations, even after C96. this was her letter to the councillors at Manningham. What do you see as the key problems?   Manningham Council had the opportunity to rectify a number of anomalies but […]