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High Density DD08 Zoning

C96 Panel Report Released to Manningham Council today – Public tomorrow

C96 High Density Zoning review, Independent Planning Panel Report Released to Manningham Council today 9 Monday April 15th – Public tomorrow. I have been advised that the council received the Panel report today, and it will be on the Manningham Council web site tomorrow for public review. Please take this opportunity to review it, and […]


Who else feels like Barbara below, and asks themselves Why? WHY should the community have to fight its own Council, to uphold building controls to restrict overdevelopment, to protect community amenity, to protect property values, liveability, and fundamental rights to privacy, sunlight and pleasant surrounds when it pays such handsome salaries to Manningham planners and […]

Bunnings Doncaster 9 Storeys and Beverly st

A couple of contentious developments on the move presently. 1. Doncaster East, Beverley St 51-53 – small side street with big plans – see here for the big picture 2. Bunnings On Doncaster Hill is about to re-advertise it’s plans for 9 storeys next to the Primary school and shopping town. Stay tuned to see […]

C96 Internal Parking and Compliance in High Density Developments

A great submision here by Frank, focussing on Internal parking issues, and compliance. <Surnames & Address etc withheld for privacy>  MANNINGHAM PLANNING SCHEME – AMENDMENT C96             Submission to Planning Panel Hearing Commencing 27th. February, 2013 Presented by Frank X. 1.   Introduction I am a long time resident of Doncaster,

C96 – DD08 zone changes Planning Panel Submission

Today was the day several of us managed to present our views on the proposed changes to the Manningham DD08 high density Zones, and the current zone regulations as well. This Government appointed Independent Planing Panel, ( IPP,) consisted of  a single member – Mr Lester Townsend –  hearing the views of residents, council and […]

Untangle the Building Zone Maze

It’s only a week away to the Manningham Event targeting the building zones, changes, and impacts night.  Event : High Density Zones and planned changes – Koonung ward councilors review and discussion.  RSVP here   Doncaster,  Wed Feb 20th, 2013  7:30pm This event will be a mixture of public discussion and, council regulation insight from […]

Event : High Density Zones and planned changes – Koonung ward councilors review and discussion.

If you want to know what the high density zone changes proposed are, want to understand what the planning speak means, or want to know how to put a submission to the Independent planning panel, then this is for you. It will be an open forum and workshop with Koonung ward councillors there, including Steve […]

Public workshop on how to present to planning panels.

Are you interested? Koonung ward councilors are asking what topics of  interest would be in a workshop to make sure you know how to get your point across to a planning panel… Very important to our C96 proposal. It could cover, references,  Planning speak, items that are or not taboo, presentation techniques … what else […]

Thiele St 2-4-6 VCAT Practice Day.

Well Thiele St Doncaster, and it’s 50 apartments / four storey proposal had it’s practice day a VCAT last Friday. All told about 15 minutes, after sitting trough a couple of others at 10am. The VCAT member checked that the developer, the council, and the unhappy residents were present, then asked if we were all […]

Response to c96 Denisty changes – history lesson

Why is it important to be very clear and avoid abiguity when defining planning rules? And why must we all make sure that we track and challenge the council? Well this history lesson from some-one who has been there before spells it out… Despite all council’s undertakings and assurances it is unlikely we will have […]