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High Density DD08 Zoning

C96 High Density Decision – Rescinded by Cr Meg Downie – and then Canceled by Management!

Back to where we were on Tuesday Night, Amendment C96 going to the Planning Panel. Corp. Support Exec Manager Steve Goldsworthy changed his mind after accepting the Rescind motion, less than 24hrs prior. There is a clause in Manningham’s meeting procedure laws which says they are not able to rescind the motion Clause 8.36 Rescission […]

C96 High Density Decision – Rescinded by Cr Meg Downie

 Stop Press – Major update from Last Night, C96 Vote : Cr Meg Downie Stepped up today and Rescinded the Motion. Now the decision of when the C96 goes to the Planning Panel, will be reviewed at the next council meeting in November – by the new Councilors !  Well Done Meg. Last Nights article: […]

High density C96 passed to Planning Panel

Tonight the Manningham council voted on approving the council report, and passing it on to the Independent Planning Panel. See our article on it here We were hoping to let the incoming council complete the council review, before closing this stage. Very Disappointing vote; Only Cr Jennifer Yang and Cr Meg Downie Voted to let […]

Ten Months after VCAT 5-7 Curlew Court gets an answer.

2012-10-10 VCAT Decision arrived – Approved as the full thirty apartments, but with basement parking alterations to accommodate screening tree soil area, and a second level of parking added. We had a visit from the VCAT member Thursday last week, and knew it was coming soon. He wanted to look down the side of our […]

c96 High Density Recomendations Report on Council Special Meeting agenda Oct 16th

It seems that when we were all told not to delay the Draft Residential Strategy for any further refinement, and that it could all be considered later – some one was not telling the whole truth. After that we were told the c96 exhibition period should be kept short. Now a special meeting has been […]

Manningham’s Council just approved the first 4 storey apartment building in a Side Street – But Mayor Gough says he is against Inappropriate development.

…And Mayor Gough states in his re-election spiel: “I stand for preventing inappropriate development, by ensuring that higher density is limited to our designated zones.” …. “I listen, consult and act with integrity.” Don’t take everything candidates say for face value… Mayor Gough has been very vocal at council meetings in supporting, even promoting the […]


Breaking News.. Some good info from Mary Drost, as discussed earlier, this is likely to intermingle / coincide with the DD08 C96 High density plans Manningham are part way through –  we do need to make our views heard… HERE IT IS  –  THE NEW PLANS FOR MELBOURNE The Department of Planning & Community Development […]

High Density Planning Review Process C50 before DD08

    How were the Residents involved in the Previous Planning review ?   How will the Current DD08,  C96 review be handled ? Strategy Presented To The Panel: C50 The draft of provisions provided to the panel Nov 2005 document is at odds with Council’s undertaking to the community. Even the Manningham officers report, presented to […]

New State Residential Zones

So where does it leave Manningham ? We are in the Midst of our High Density Growth Zone Planning Review… and Now the State Gov brings in it’s new mix of the whole zoning thing… Well the State may change the name, but there is still a focus of growth in the areas around activity […]

Thiele St Clogged

Another 100 ?  apartments for Traffic Clogged Thiele St. Thiele St Doncaster Already has an unfair lot of traffic issues for a side street. High School access from Doncaster Rd. Limited Parking. Restricted Views, dangerous blind spots. Both way traffic, and one lane to use. Now there is a proposed 55 Apartments at No2, 4 […]