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Developers bank on investors to stave off Melbourne apartment glut

This story from the Fin Review, shows concern for the balance in the Apartment market presently… Developers bank on investors to stave off Melbourne apartment glut 30 MAY 2013 | THE AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW | REBECCA THISTLETON The 22,850 apartment units under construction in Melbourne has sparked fears of an oversupply, however developers are confident […]

MacroPlan on apartments in Manningham and needs

Study results can be reasonably accurate but often expressed in a way which best enhances the desired outcome of the client. Below is an example of how the MacroPlan data might have been written if to more clearly demonstrate the low demand for apartments:  70.0% did not want to move in the future from their […]

Arguable Focus of C96 High Densiy Zone Changes

Sandman Oz sent this in today – tying several aspects back together… It has been argued that the need to request amendment 96 was more to do with rectifying the mistakes made in the current table 1 to schedule 8. For example, is the 9 metre height limit


We have a response from the Manningham Council Planning Director Teresa Dominik… Does this give you confidence in what could be built around you? Amelia Please find below responses to issues that you require clarification for. These have been provided in blue text.   ·         If council is to follow its […]


This one was sent in by Amelia Tang. Amelia has picked up on some of the outstanding issues of the DD08 Regulations, even after C96. this was her letter to the councillors at Manningham. What do you see as the key problems?   Manningham Council had the opportunity to rectify a number of anomalies but […]

C96 As Adopted High Density Changes to DD08

As previously discussed, the C96 changes to DD08 High Density Residential rule in Manningham has now passed council and is with State Gov. ( DPCD). The version that council adopted is below, there are two Parts:  MSS 21-05, and the DD08.

High Density DD08 C96 Amendment Carried.

The C96 was passed through tonight, amid assertions that there is more to do, but this is a good set of steps in the right direction. … So now the C96 gets passed to the Vic Planning  Department DPCD, for final review and possibly acceptance. There has been many changes along the way, at many […]

High Density Zones DD08 C96 MSS – Which Rules Rule?

With so many Planing regulations to choose from – Which one Rules? There is a hierarchy – Rescode height limits & setbacks etc are the default guidelines for residential development (for less than 4 storeys); but they are subordinate to limits specified in a schedule to the zone (if there are any variations specified in […]

C96 DD08 Precinct A ,small site – Not Safe.

After asking for clarity yesterday on what seemed a clear statement that big Apartments couldn’t be built in side streets on small sites we got the Council’s reply below.  It seems that there is still Council discretion to allow 10m high, 3 storey apartments on DD08 Precinct a sites less than 1800m2 (2 blocks) because […]

C96 DD08 Precinct A ,small sites High Density Restricted?

The current proposed C96 changes – as shown on the Council’s agenda for May 2013, does seem to keep large apartment blocks from appearing on small sites  – we are awaiting confirmation.. In the current amendment as posted on the Council website for May Agenda, the Precinct A, small site can ONLY be townhouses and […]