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High Density developments

Stop the sewage in the park

You can help sort this out – easily. this just in from Fiona, one of the Key organisers against this proposed plant. Hi Everyone, I would just like to thank all those who came to the protest – what a success – 3aw, ch7 and ch10 coverage! Check out this video on YouTube of channel […]

Thiele St Clogged

Another 100 ?  apartments for Traffic Clogged Thiele St. Thiele St Doncaster Already has an unfair lot of traffic issues for a side street. High School access from Doncaster Rd. Limited Parking. Restricted Views, dangerous blind spots. Both way traffic, and one lane to use. Now there is a proposed 55 Apartments at No2, 4 […]

How Much Development Can a Side Street Take ?

5-7 Curlew Court still has no decision from VCAT yet. There is a sign at the entrance of Curlew court on Thiele advising of plans for 55 Apartment, 4 stories tall. And another Long term resident has given up and sold this week, now making another three in a row…The first two held by developers, […]

Council announcements Hidden in Plain Sight.

A four or more storey apartment block could be built next to you – unless you help tell the council NO – Again ! You might not even get a letter about it, before or after. C96 is the amendment of planning regulations previously discussed as the “Draft Residential Strategy”, and it mostly affects High […]

VicSmart draft planning Bill before Parliament – CODE ASSESS

It has begun, described as only affecting minor building works, but the explanations keep changing, and the proposed legislation does not look tight… I have included a couple of industry watchdog comments below, as well as the bill tabled at Parliament.  (Short & Vague.) Here is a copy of the Planning and Environment Amendment (VicSmart […]

Vic Metropolitan Planning Strategy Online Forums – close June 25th

Did you know the State Gov is looking for your input ? They haven’t got a lot of feed back yet so your input might be noticed ! Plan Melbourne online forums. The forums  cover a range of themes such as housing, transport, people and the economy. The online forums will run throughout the development […]

VicSmart will create more planning problems than it solves

Further to our prior articles on Code assess… VicSmart will create more planning problems than it solves Save Our Suburbs    MEDIA RELEASE   12 June 2012 Most of the rationale for the new VicSmart planning process doesn’t stack up, according to Save Our Suburbs president, Ian Wood. He strongly criticised the lack of community input into […]

Parking waivers causing ‘chaos’ take heed for Manninghams’ future

It seems Manningham is not the ony council with parking versus Developments issues… A couple of things to consider here, so as to put it into Manninghams’ perspective. Higher density suburds such as those in Yarra is where Manningham is heading with it’s increased density plans. Most areas of Yarra have Train, Tram & Bus […]

Council Experts got Covenant protection wrong.

This is a great example that come in last week, shows that you cannot sit back and expect the council or their experts to “Protect you.” Not only were they considering removing the protective covenant, but the expert report they relied on which told them it was OK went against the public proof that was […]

Overload Doncaster – Thiele st – 55 apartments, four Stories, opposite Curlew Court entrance.

Side Street Overload Sign went up yesterday for 55 apartments, four storeys high, in DD08 Precinct A, where only 3 Storeys are intended ! Council planning – Jeff Gower – has been discussing this with the developer for months prior to this, trying to get it to a reasonable starting point…. The fourth storey is […]