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The current flood of apartments for sale in Doncaster could hold up the commencement of construction of the Doncaster Hill Bunnings store till well beyond 12 months if the obtaining of high rise apartment pre-sale quotas continue to be hampered by oversupply. Because the land is prescribed a mixed use zone, with a high proportion […]


The new owners of the land at 20-24 Hepburn Road have rejected council approved plans for the use of mechanical parking units in the 15 storey development. Instead will be including an  extra basement to accommodate the short fall in the parking tally requirement as a result of their removal. This a wakeup call to […]


Excerpt from Age article 11/8/14 The $8 billion project, which links Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway with the Western Ring Road, is shaping up as the key political flash point in the lead-up to November’s hotly contested state election. Traffic forecasts for major road infrastructure have been put under increased scrutiny after a $46 million class action was […]

Fake Photography for Developers

Kim sent this in to keep us all weary of developers tricks… The photo of Short Street on left is an example of how a severe slope can be made to appear flat when photographed from an elevated position. Residents in the area of Short Street were puzzled to see a photographer and his assistant […]

Self Containment of Travel Within an LGArea

Manningham  is the Third Lowest Local Government Area, ( LGA,) when it comes to living and working in the same area. A significant reason that most people in Manningham rely on car travel.  Self-containment of travel Self-containment shows the proportion of work journeys that originate and end in the same local area. High self-containment is […]

Westfield parking tower – unlikely capacity

There are currently approx 287 car spaces in the car park in which the new Westfield Parking tower is to be located. They claim 854 spaces but it appears they have not deducted the number of spaces displaced. It would be hard for outsiders to accurately calculate without knowing its exact position.


It is strange Manningham Council now talk about the problem of traffic congestion when their own consultants (GTA) had failed to raise the issue in any of their preliminary studies except for a grade separation for pedestrians…. Manningham engineers advise, with or without the provision of rail at Doncaster Hill, a grade-separation of buses will […]

Manningham Still Addicted To Cars, Less Full Time Employment and Still No Cyclists

Any significant “Mode Shift” (cycling and use of public transport) is not reflected in the 2011 census data..  Work journeys TO Manningham : 83 per cent of work journeys to Manningham in 2011 were by car, compared to 84% in 1996, while 5 per cent were by public transport. an increase of 1% since 1996. […]

Doncaster Westfield Car Parking On Development Sites – 500 today

The five level Car Park, proposed by Westfield to accommodate 570 cars, will more than replace temporary off-site parking at three adjacent building sites currently being used to accommodate up to 500 cars. The three sites pictured below now have permits for high rise development. So after all is done – Westfield will have more […]

Westfield Doncaster to add 5 storey carpark $25M

If you live near the already huge Westfield complex , you might want to check this Application for Five Level Car Park at Westfield for 570 Car Spaces. Neighbors already get a tonne of “light noise” at night, and car noise all day from the high rise car parks. How ever most shoppers will confirm […]