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Manningham Needs to plan for Parking

This comparison to Glen Waverley Activity Centre shows Manningham’s Activity Center Doncaster Hill is not keeping up with Parking… Glen Waverley, a very small activity centre when compared to Doncaster Hill, is planning its third multi-deck car park to cater for future parking demand. These parking stations will be in addition to standard parking requirements […]

East West Link – Doubts over planning strategy after key advisers quit

Follow on from our last article where Roz Hansen advised the MCC to reject the East-West Link, the Age article below, shows how five of the six member panel quit. Doubts over planning strategy after key advisers quit Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/doubts-over-planning-strategy-after-key-advisers-quit-20131212-2z8lz.html#ixzz2nv9c7t8X The Napthine government’s signature planning document has been thrown into doubt after it emerged that […]

East West Link – Roz Hansen tells MCC to reject it.

With the ink barely dry, the new draft planning strategy for Melbourne has been thrown into doubt after its Ministerial advisory panel resigned over key transport concerns.  The panel’s chairwoman, Roz Hansen, has publicly denounced the government’s $6 billion to $8 billion east-west link and called for a state election to give Victorians a choice.   Listen to […]

The Doncaster rail – an ode to inaction

I missed this clever little bit of ART at our shopping centre on Saturday – pointing out that Doncaster has been waiting since 1888 for a train  –  125 Years ! You can get the full story on the two following Facebook pages ; it was run by “A4tnt Artists for Trains Not Tolls”  and reported nicely by “Urban Happiness.”

Manningham East are the 3rd highest car users

Does Manningham need Public Transport ? In 2002 Manningham council as part of thier Doncaster Hill Strategy were planning to reduce car reliance in Manningham… Car use has mushroomed since the figures below were released back in October 2007. The chart below showed; Manningham East and surrounding areas as third behind Mornington Peninsular and Geelong […]


Thanks to Mary Drost for this one – Marvelous Melbourne Great Slogan  –    NO GAIN WITHOUT TRAIN.    This has been obvious for years.   Goes back to the birth of the failed  Government Strategy, the hated Melbourne 2030 brought in by the Bracks/Brumby Government about 12 – 13 years ago.    This plan was to increase the […]

Melbourne Transport Policy – East West Toll or Everything else.

This graphical representation shows how a massive list of public transport upgrades, including Doncasters’ rail, could be delivered for the same cost as the East West Toll Road. It is what Melbourne could get for $14 Billion rather than the East-West Tollroad, i.e. a dramatic upgrade of public transport for the entire Melbourne network Thanks […]

Bunnings on Doncaster Hill – vote May 28th

The planned Bunnings development on Doncaster Rd Doncaster, between shoppping town and the Primary School goes up for council Planning approval at this coming council meeting Tuesday May 28th. Council agenda can be found here Bunnings application – Planning Dept have recommended approval. Stage 1 which gives them all they need to operate. They will […]

Bunnings Doncaster 9 Storeys and Beverly st

A couple of contentious developments on the move presently. 1. Doncaster East, Beverley St 51-53 – small side street with big plans – see here for the big picture 2. Bunnings On Doncaster Hill is about to re-advertise it’s plans for 9 storeys next to the Primary school and shopping town. Stay tuned to see […]

C96 Internal Parking and Compliance in High Density Developments

A great submision here by Frank, focussing on Internal parking issues, and compliance. <Surnames & Address etc withheld for privacy>  MANNINGHAM PLANNING SCHEME – AMENDMENT C96             Submission to Planning Panel Hearing Commencing 27th. February, 2013 Presented by Frank X. 1.   Introduction I am a long time resident of Doncaster,