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Yes Minister – we’ll commision a study

In recent years, when community concerns were heightened at the lack of public off-street parking on Doncaster Hill, council could always pacify residents by announcing a comprehensive parking review over a 12 months period. There was never any intention to create additional off-street parking areas and accordingly the consultant’s brief was always confined to parking […]

Why the east-west road tunnel is a stinker – and Doncaster rail adds up!

THE EAST WEST TUNNEL   DISASTER   BY KENNETH DAVIDSON  YESTERDAY It might ease congestion on Hoddle Street, but it would mean gridlock in the city. Successive Victorian governments have been keen to extend the Eastern Freeway from its Hoddle Street end via a tunnel under Melbourne Cemetery and Royal Park to CityLink. It is a stinker. […]

Manningham Household Panel Members wanted.

The Council is offering for us all to help them set out the plan for the next 20 years – so lets take them up on the offer… We will have to find a way to make sure our input is heard, valued, AND ACTED UPON. They have shown in the past that they are […]

New Targets of Drastic Change – WHAT COUNCIL HASN’T TOLD YOU!

Warning!  3, 4 and 5 storey developments outside Doncaster Hill are coming to EVEN MORE side streets throughout Manningham.    Non-Urban areas are not safe either. Warandyte, Park Orchards, watch out. VOICE YOUR CONCERNS!     – Tell others, download our flyer and hand it around RAIDID Flyer – manningham draft residential strategy 2011 Attend these Council information sessions […]

Planning Dept Silent on Growth review showing no need for High Rise side streets.

Well it has been well over a month since Manningham Planning dept agreed to cross check our Growth without High Rise side streets plan. In it we showed all the planned 2030 growth can be achieved with zero high rises in side streets, and only 1 in 5 of the 6080 targeted DD08 sites turned […]

High-density housing reflects dense government thinking

A very pertinent article written by Dr Tony Recsei president of the Save Our Suburbs community group (NSW Branch). Thanks to Mary Drost for sharing it today – Well worth reading. Citizens in Australia’s major cities are becoming increasingly unhappy about what they perceive as the escalating deterioration in their quality of life – traffic […]

Are we alone in our struggle ? Don’t you believe it…

You might think that our struggle is very specific, very local. Maybe only because of the Doncaster Hill strategy, or only because of DD08 Zoning… well you would be very wrong. …Read on for a list of over 120 groups in Victoria alone… You see over the last couple of weeks alone,  we have received […]

First of the planned 10 storeys apartments to be built and occupied on the Doncaster Hill activity centre.

Affordable Housing 95-97 Tram Road Doncaster : 98 apartments and 130 car spaces ( As seen on ABC News) The 10-storey development includes 48 one-bedroom apartments, 30 two-bedroom apartments and 20 three-bedroom apartments. This will be the first of the planned 10 storeys apartments to be built and occupied on the Doncaster Hill activity centre. […]

Protected or TARGETED ? DD08 Spin

As LJ pointed out in her comment today “I was at the last two meetings and I thought Paul Molan’s actual comment on DDO8 and Curlew Court was that these areas have been “Targeted for Drastic Change.” I find it strange that the vast majority of residents in the DDO8 zones were totally unaware that […]

Brian Tee – Visits Curlew Court

Thanks to Brian Tee ( Shadow Minister for Planning,) for Visiting Curlew Court personally and spending an hour talking through the difficulties we have, dealing with developments, planning departments, and council. His input today was both valuable, and down to earth, we thank him for his time, standing on the rain, and afterwards. We discussed […]