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VCAT Development Appeals Getting Further out of Reach.

Well it’s beyond stories now, the numbers are out, Development challenges for over $1Mil –  $38 in 2012, will be Over $2000 in 2014. It’s certainly not good for residents trying to fight for thier amenity. VCAT costs are going up in a user pays environment that certainly works against Joe Public. We got the […]

Thiele St 2-4-6 VCAT Practice Day.

Well Thiele St Doncaster, and it’s 50 apartments / four storey proposal had it’s practice day a VCAT last Friday. All told about 15 minutes, after sitting trough a couple of others at 10am. The VCAT member checked that the developer, the council, and the unhappy residents were present, then asked if we were all […]

Emergency Manangement Plan above 25m

From Kelvin, his case at VCAT, and the proposed process for council to ensure emergency arrangements are in place before planning permits are approved. I spoke at VCAT on the Access and Egress issues for the development at Hepburn Rd Doncaster.   For several other articles on this type Hepburn into the search space above. A […]

Ten Months after VCAT 5-7 Curlew Court gets an answer.

2012-10-10 VCAT Decision arrived – Approved as the full thirty apartments, but with basement parking alterations to accommodate screening tree soil area, and a second level of parking added. We had a visit from the VCAT member Thursday last week, and knew it was coming soon. He wanted to look down the side of our […]

Melbourne – The worlds’ most livable city still – Let’s keep it that way.

Now is the time – Last chance for another important step in maintaining what it is that you love about your home, and your City. State Gov Planning changes – Code Assess – Your submission due by 5pm this Friday 21 September 2012 – example below. State Gov Planning Reforms  http://www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/planning/theplanningsystem/improving-the-system/new-zones-for-victoria Do put in a […]

Heburn Road Passes VCAT but won’t pass fire Regs

This is one of those red tape madness stories that is bound to have more to say before it is done… Well folks, the decision was handed down Sept 6th 2012 on 20-24 Hepburn Road and it’s not good I’m afraid. A permit has been granted and the full decision is attached.  P3568 2011 Khoo […]

Whose job is it to identify major building code failures?

Does it sound wrong to you that professional architects could design a 17 storey building, have it  reviewed by Manningham Councils’ Planning Dept,  and none of them pick up that there needs to be two or three fire escapes to meet the building regs, when there was only one ? An how the one fire […]

Your Gov. Property Planning report – FREE – and access to the Regulations & Zoning rules.

This is a state government site useful for two things: 1. Property Planning report: Location, Zones, aircraft routes, Bushfire rules, etc. 2. It then leads ( eventually,) into the zoning regulation documents, as part of your basic report. These zoning regulation documents are the rule book for Council and VCAT discussions & arguments. Follow – […]

We have a winner – 12 storey’s now 6.

Residents 2, developers  get real.. … We won!!! a reduction from 8 to 6 levels that we asked for, and we would like to thank you for your assistance and input to make it possible. APPLICATION CONCERNING: 300 Toorak Road, SOUTH YARRA VIC 3141 This was the second time the developers went to VCAT. The […]

Curlew Court – Still no VCAT decision.

Well the latest on the Curlew Court / VCAT is  Simon and Garfunkel’s 1964 folk rock hit, “The sound of silence”  Still nothing at all. It might be that they are struggling for an answer, hopefully the plans are weighing heavily on the member. I have been meaning to look up VCAT and see if […]