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Draft Res Strategy Meeting for Koonung – Cr Reid got the message

It was great to see Cr Reid understood our points when we highlighted the loose wording in the draft residential strategy. Several Manningham resident groups were represented at last nights meeting, a lot was discussed, some focus was decided upon, all good. We made it clear there are some good sections in the Draft residential […]

How do I find the progress of a planning proposal ?

from our FAQ pages Q: How do I find the status of a Planning application at Manningham council ? A: Tricky – it’s sort of hidden – follow these steps: To access Planning Register go to Manningham Council website, Go to right hand top corner and click on quick links,

Draft Residential Strategy – Delayed at Council meeting – Thankyou

Due mostly to you all, and your letters to council, the draft Strategy was not passed last night, rather it has been held back for ONE month to allow us all to review and raise issues with our councilors. Cr Reid conveyed the story well. At the next council meeting alterations can be discussed / […]

Johnston Street Tower – VCAT Refused 17 storeys Wrong in this CONTEXT.

As much as I loath using Planning speak, it is great to see VCAT acknowledge CONTEXT, and enforce it. CONTEXT in planning speak means that heights and other building characteristics should be considered how they fit within the surrounds. For example, on a main road, in an activity center is more likely to suitably accommodate […]

Curlew 5-7 Development finished VCAT today – well almost….

Sorry this site has been quiet lately, we have been focusing on the VCAT case for Curlew Court. hard to do all things when you have family and other work… Yes we have survived: –          all of the preparation –          and the Presentations, –          mountains of documents, –          and cross examination. –          Regulation references 21-05.4 […]

Curlew crt VCAT part 1 – Practice Day

Hello all, Well we survived the first day at VCAT, quite Painless really, it was a ”Practice Day.” Thanks to Frank, Lisa, and Bill for joining me there. At a practice day the presiding “Chair person” confirmed who we were, whether we would present at a Hearing, rough time needed, and is there any chance […]

Are we alone in our struggle ? Don’t you believe it…

You might think that our struggle is very specific, very local. Maybe only because of the Doncaster Hill strategy, or only because of DD08 Zoning… well you would be very wrong. …Read on for a list of over 120 groups in Victoria alone… You see over the last couple of weeks alone,  we have received […]

Maidstone residents rail at ‘inconsistent’ VCAT rulings

Another Example of how difficult it is to deal with development proposals and VCAT. And another example of why anyone fighting over developments should attend our VCAT appeals workshop Thursday Aug 25th. This article in the Maribynong weekly Maidstone residents rail at ‘inconsistent’ VCAT rulings …MAIDSTONE residents have, within the space of two days, won […]

How does VCAT work, How do I Change the Planning System?

Whether we like it or Not, if we have a dis-agreement with a development, and it goes through the council review process, it is likely to end up being argued & resolved at VCAT. Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT.) Now the developers know how VCAT Works, but most of us don’t, so we have […]