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Thanks to Mary Drost for this one – Marvelous Melbourne Great Slogan  –    NO GAIN WITHOUT TRAIN.    This has been obvious for years.   Goes back to the birth of the failed  Government Strategy, the hated Melbourne 2030 brought in by the Bracks/Brumby Government about 12 – 13 years ago.    This plan was to increase the […]

Melbourne Transport Policy – East West Toll or Everything else.

This graphical representation shows how a massive list of public transport upgrades, including Doncasters’ rail, could be delivered for the same cost as the East West Toll Road. It is what Melbourne could get for $14 Billion rather than the East-West Tollroad, i.e. a dramatic upgrade of public transport for the entire Melbourne network Thanks […]

Quiet streets to be a no-go zone for towers – AGE

This from the Age today highlights how important it is to define where our growth areas are to be… it also shows we need to have that argument with council about growth areas… Leafy neighbourhoods in Stonnington and Boroondara will be the first to come under new eight-metre height limits and stricter rules for subdividing […]

Ex Planning Minister Justin Madden becomes an activist against development near him

This interesting twist came in from Mary Drost of Marvelous Melbourne, and refferring to an article in the age.   Justin Madden also signed our petition against high density developments in side streets. SUCH IRONY   –  NOW  JUSTIN MADDEN IS FIGHTING DEVELOPMENT NEAR HIM.   I  am thinking of asking  him to join Planning Backlash. When I […]

High Density IPP Report is released C96 – Amendment C96 Tightening DDO8 Controls

The Independent Panel report is now in the Mannigham council website under the heading Amendment C96 Tightening DDO8 Controls See Executive Summary from page 6 shown below, or download the full C96 IPP report here: manningham c96 panel report (Full report 488K) Council will vote on this at the May 28th Manningham Council Meeting. Media […]

C96 – DD08 zone changes Planning Panel Submission

Today was the day several of us managed to present our views on the proposed changes to the Manningham DD08 high density Zones, and the current zone regulations as well. This Government appointed Independent Planing Panel, ( IPP,) consisted of  a single member – Mr Lester Townsend –  hearing the views of residents, council and […]

Untangle the Building Zone Maze

It’s only a week away to the Manningham Event targeting the building zones, changes, and impacts night.  Event : High Density Zones and planned changes – Koonung ward councilors review and discussion.  RSVP here   Doncaster,  Wed Feb 20th, 2013  7:30pm This event will be a mixture of public discussion and, council regulation insight from […]

Planning to be out in the open

This article in the Melbourne  Herald Sun on Mon Feb 4, 2013. Makes you wonder just how much sway the developers have with decision makers about the planning of our city. Planning to be out in the open MELBOURNE city councillors will be stopped from holding private meetings with developers who want to lobby them […]

Bi-election May be called for Mullum Mullum

We may get an answer soon on this one, but it sure is messy. If Mr Muscat had withdrawn the 521 primary votes would have gone elsewhere, as would the 26 preferences he collected, that were subsequently distributed across the remaining candidates. So what is the right thing to do with his votes? Delete all […]

Event : High Density Zones and planned changes – Koonung ward councilors review and discussion.

If you want to know what the high density zone changes proposed are, want to understand what the planning speak means, or want to know how to put a submission to the Independent planning panel, then this is for you. It will be an open forum and workshop with Koonung ward councillors there, including Steve […]