Expanded bus Service and dedicated bus lanes

In case you were wondering just what is being planned for Manningham to Melbourne city commuters, here is a map and a press release on the topic.

East West Link
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Manningham Still Addicted To Cars, Less Full Time Employment and Still No Cyclists

Any significant “Mode Shift” (cycling and use of public transport) is not reflected in the 2011 census data..

 Work journeys TO Manningham :

83 per cent of work journeys to Manningham in 2011 were by car, compared to 84% in 1996, while 5 per cent were by public transport. an increase of 1% since 1996.

Even less people rode by bike to Manningham..0.32% in 2011 compared to 0.36% in 1996

Method of travel (work journeys FROM Manningham)

81% in 1996- – -78% in 2011 by car an increase of 3% and while a Car passenger increased 1% to 8% since 1996 while public transport increased from 8% to 13% from 1996.

0.33% rode to work from Manningham in 2011 compared to 0.15% in 1996

 The Census showed a very small increase in employment since 1996 but a decline of approx 3000 in full time work. 

2014-02 Stats VTA-Journey-to-work-Manningham

Wasted Funds on Rail Advertisment

This letter was sent into the Manningham CEO Joe this week; if there really is no hope for a train in Doncaster, why are we spending money on it… what do they hope to achieve?


Spending $ 4,600 dollars this week on a full page advertisement “to keep our community’s hearts and minds focused on a rail service” seems a terrible waste of municipal funds Continue reading Wasted Funds on Rail Advertisment →


The timing of the government’s announcement about a beefed up bus service for Doncaster plus dedicated lanes in Hoddle Street and possibly Victoria Street has coincided with the Manningham’s campaign for a train service. See the Article from the Manningham Leader here.

2014-02 Doncaster Expanded Bus Service


High Density Ammendment C96 now approved by state Gov.

The last stage of the C96 saga has now been completed, the state Gov has approved it.

As you will find in the plethora of previous articles on this site, C96 amendment was an update to the Planning scheme particularly around DD08 overlay. It allowed higher buildings along main roads, and tried to enforce restricts on smaller side street sites.  But there was still ambiguity, and it will remain to be tested with new developments.

Approval of Amendment C96 Tightening of DDO8 Controls

Supposedly there were minimal changes by the State Gov.

The Planning Dept info is here…including all the new regs and maps.

Manningham C96 Implements a number of actions from the ‘Manningham Residential Strategy (2012)’ and provides clearer guidance for higher density dwellings around activity centres and along main roads.

Doncaster Westfield Car Parking On Development Sites – 500 today

The five level Car Park, proposed by Westfield to accommodate 570 cars, will more than replace temporary off-site parking at three adjacent building sites currently being used to accommodate up to 500 cars. The three sites pictured below now have permits for high rise development.

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Westfield Doncaster to add 5 storey carpark $25M

If you live near the already huge Westfield complex , you might want to check this Application for Five Level Car Park at Westfield for 570 Car Spaces.

Neighbors already get a tonne of “light noise” at night, and car noise all day from the high rise car parks.

How ever most shoppers will confirm the parks are often full… Pity more people don’t  / can’t walk, or bus there.


Manningham City Council Planning Register

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Big Building Approved next door what can you do now? DUST.

Well if they are going ahead with a development, and particularly when they have started excavating, expect a ton of dust on everything.

The house, the path, the clothesline, the pool, the water tank via the roof – remember to clean your gutters when it settles down, and the air-conditioning units.

Maybe you should have asked for a high protective dust barrier as a condition while at council or VCAT. A normal six foot fence does not stop it….And it is going to continue for about a year!

Who’s going to clean the windows, cars, path, pool ( more chemicals,) pretty sure it’s not the builder.

Big Building Approved next door what can you do now? Roof Impact

Well if VCAT and Council say  it is definately going ahead, what can you do?

1. Move out     2. Build a wall      3. Make the most of the time and start growing.    4. Open a multi-storey car parking complex in your street.

What about your solar kit on the roof? You might have had some discussion about the impact here at VCAT, but now you need to consider if shadowing is going to affect your roof top.

In developers shadow diagrams they only show the shadows at 9am, noon,  and 3pm, at the equiniox ( half way between summer and winter,) and also usually stop at the roofs edge.

Now if you have solar hot water, power, or pool, you may need to move these devices to a new location.

It might also be your clothes line, or vegetable patch that needs moving. Hopefully these expenses were discussed at VCAT…

Over shadowing is allowed if your property has Sunlight for 4 hrs minimum over 75% of it, or 40 Sq meters of other secluded open space.
shadow drawing - curlew 5-7
The Blue is the development in this picture, the Red is the “acceptable shadow” at 3pm.
You can see the outline of the affected home to the right.
Obviously the shadows get bigger later in the afternoon, and head to the opposite side in the morning.

Rezone for My Profit Too

There is a rezoning application in for Mitchell St Doncaster. ( Jackson Court Supermarket etc.)

 As this letter points out why can’t we all rezone? Continue reading Rezone for My Profit Too →