Rezone for My Profit Too

There is a rezoning application in for Mitchell St Doncaster. ( Jackson Court Supermarket etc.)

 As this letter points out why can’t we all rezone? Continue reading Rezone for My Profit Too →

Manningham Needs to plan for Parking

This comparison to Glen Waverley Activity Centre shows Manningham’s Activity Center Doncaster Hill is not keeping up with Parking…

Glen Waverley, a very small activity centre when compared to Doncaster Hill, is planning its third multi-deck car park to cater for future parking demand. These parking stations will be in addition to standard parking requirements already being enforced in private developments.

Despite a railway station on its doorstep and an efficient bus service, Monash council studies have identified a need to provide more car parking for future visitors to the area.

Monash Councillor Geoff Lake explained; Continue reading Manningham Needs to plan for Parking →

Tribunal tension – coming to a suburb near you

This article from the Age rings so many bells with those of us who have been to VCAT ( The Victorian Civil &  Administrative Tribunal.)

You really don’t want to end up there and it rarely has much in the Residents favor, but if you don’t try you can only loose. ( Try to resolve early at council.)

…Students examined VCAT’s planning decisions between January and September 2013 and discovered the tribunal overruled or altered council decisions in two out of three cases.

The Swinburne investigation showed by far the greatest concern of Victorians who appealed to VCAT was to preserve neighbourhood character. This was the primary ground of objection in one-third of cases.

The investigation revealed  VCAT dealt with several categories of planning disputes, which recurred across the suburbs.

The flashpoints included inadequate car parking, overshadowing, loss of amenity and excessive building heights. Many  cases demonstrated how councils tried to juggle complex issues within their local planning schemes, but invariably ended up being overruled by VCAT which, they said, disregarded their concerns.
Read more:–coming-to-a-suburb-near-you-20140111-30nu1.html#ixzz2r7tKiLlW

Big Building Approved next door what can you do now? Ground Impact

Well if VCAT and Council say  it is definately going ahead, what can you do?

1. Move out     2. Build a wall      3. Make the most of the time and start growing.    4. Open a multi-storey car parking complex in your street.

What about your clothes line, or vegetable patch that now needs moving out of the shadows? You might have had some discussion about the impact here at VCAT, but now you need to consider if shadowing is going to affect your living spaces

In developers shadow diagrams they only show the shadows at 9am, noon,  and 3pm, at the equiniox ( half way between summer and winter,) and also usually stop at the roofs edge.

Over shadowing is allowed if Continue reading Big Building Approved next door what can you do now? Ground Impact →

Immigration and World Poverty – By the numbers

Watching this presentation on you-tube just makes you think WOW, what is the right solution for the world over.

Poverty of the world population illustrated in a simple presentation using  gumballs…

Can  large emigration numbers to the US (or any other country) help?  A  simple but
powerful presentation.


Changing Water Consumer Behaviour versus Costs

The most effective way of changing consumer attitudes towards conserving water is to simply raise the cost. The forecast increase in water bills, due to the construction and running costs of the desalination plant is estimated at 22%, which is anticipated to correlate with further reductions in consumption. ABC PM: True cost of desalination plant blamed for water bill increases

Water is no longer being used as if it were “free” nor do you see patios and driveways being hosed down or lawns and nature strips being watered.

Financial year water consumption,(in litres per person, per day), has steadily declined from 247 in 2000-1 to 161 in 2012-13

Which is a decline of more than 40% over the period.

And that decline has happened while Melbourne heats up… Continue reading Changing Water Consumer Behaviour versus Costs →

Subterranean Apartments

We have a collection of photos below showing how developers are increasing apartment density by sinking apartments underground!

The photos below are of an apartment complex corner of Berkley and Tower Streets in Doncaster adjacent to the Westfield Shopping Centre.

Sunken living areas have been a measure employed to conceal the true height of a building to create a higher apartment yield.

There are several old permits, similarly configured but not activated, in both the DDO8 and the Doncaster  Hill Strategies.

The C96 panel, in regard to the DDO8,  recommended it “be modified to include a design objective to limit below ground light courts so that living spaces have suitable access to natural light” but were not definitive on what guidelines should be applied.

We have previously highlighted the poor design of this practice, in the 2-6 Thiele St Apartments, ( see key issues section)  and Foote St.

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Will Suburbia Apartment Vacancies saw like the CBD?

The Age painted a dim picture with their article below December 17th.

It begs the question, will the same occur in places like Doncaster where both high rise and Medium density apartments are being build en-mass.

Talking to the developers you get mixed stories, some say it all sells, others research shows entry level products are selling, and the larger units, but not much in the middle sizes.

Vacancies soar and rents fall as new apartments stay empty.


Construction Noise – when is it allowed?

If you are living next to or close to a construction, there are rules to when they can make noise such as power tools or machinery.

Allowed operating hours are Monday – Friday 7.00 am – 8.00 pm and Weekends and Public Holidays are 9.00 am to 8.00 pm.

If they start before these times contact Council and lodge a complaint.  Manningham City Council  03 9840 9333.

East West Link – Doubts over planning strategy after key advisers quit

Follow on from our last article where Roz Hansen advised the MCC to reject the East-West Link,

the Age article below, shows how five of the six member panel quit.

Doubts over planning strategy after key advisers quit

Read more:

The Napthine government’s signature planning document has been thrown into doubt after it emerged that its advisory panel resigned amid concerns over key transport decisions.

Five of the six members of the ministerial advisory committee decided they no longer wanted their names associated with the new metropolitan planning strategy, Plan Melbourne. Continue reading East West Link – Doubts over planning strategy after key advisers quit →