Manningham Council Website (HOUSEHOLDS) and ABS

These percentages suggest that  the Doncaster Hill and DDO8 apartment strategies are simply not working…


The 2011 Census Estimated Resident Population of Manningham was 116,958, an increase of 1.6% from 2006

Doncaster, which include  Doncaster Hill and much of  DDO8, was  only1.52% in the 5 year period compared to a national growth of 1.8% in one year. Continue reading Manningham Council Website (HOUSEHOLDS) and ABS →

How Long Should We Wait – Action 2.3: Review cul de sacs and side streets within sub-precinct A of DDO8 – Council Agenda 28 May 2013

If you ask an important question of your council how long is it fair to wait ? One seasoned and concerned rate payer wanted to share this..

++++ Original Request as sent by email +++ Now a month old… no council answers  yet.
Sent: Friday, July 05, 2013 12:27 PM
Subject: Action 2.3: Review cul de sacs and side streets within sub-precinct A of DDO8 – Council Agenda 28 May 2013
Dear Jennifer,  (Jennifer Yang,  Mayor of Manningham )

Manningham East are the 3rd highest car users

Does Manningham need Public Transport ?

In 2002 Manningham council as part of thier Doncaster Hill Strategy were planning to reduce car reliance in Manningham… Car use has mushroomed since the figures below were released back in October 2007.

The chart below showed;

Manningham East and surrounding areas as third behind Mornington Peninsular and Geelong as the least users of public transport,

Manningham East and surrounding areas as equal third among the highest car users,

Despite all the promotional material of our shared bike/pedestrian routes, Manningham and surrounding areas were the second least likely to Continue reading Manningham East are the 3rd highest car users →

Changed Provisions Of DDO8 – Recognition of Small sites

189-191 Foote Street, Templestowe.   Council  are planning to  reject this proposal because it does not meet the minimum land area of 1800sqm for a three storey development. This will apply to all developments in Precinct A. Unfortunately this welcome change in direction cannot be applied in retrospect to the Queens Avenue and Talford Street proposals. Even so, there is no indication they will proceed to construction given the lack of demand for high density apartments in Manningham.

Two storey townhouse style developments, only permitted on sites less than 1800sqm, may prove more viable. (A fact that might not have escaped council) Continue reading Changed Provisions Of DDO8 – Recognition of Small sites →


Thanks to Mary Drost for this one – Marvelous Melbourne

Great Slogan  –    NO GAIN WITHOUT TRAIN.    This has been obvious for years.   Goes back to the birth of the failed  Government Strategy, the hated Melbourne 2030 brought in by the Bracks/Brumby Government about 12 – 13 years ago.    This plan was to increase the population without increasing infrastructure.   A sure recipe for disaster, just look at the third world cities to find out the result.    Their idea was to build around the  railway stations and use the existing  infrastructure.  They named a large number of centres as Principle and Major  so called Activity Centres, in areas where there were stations, including Doncaster.   But hold on, Doncaster does not have a railway station.  So why was it called an Activity Centre   when it does not even have trams.   OF course it does have a freeway  but then we were told to use public transport and not cars.  No wonder that  most developments  never get Continue reading NO GAIN WITHOUT TRAIN →

Melbourne Transport Policy – East West Toll or Everything else.

This graphical representation shows how a massive list of public transport upgrades, including Doncasters’ rail, could be delivered for the same cost as the East West Toll Road.

It is what Melbourne could get for $14 Billion rather than the East-West Tollroad, i.e. a dramatic upgrade of public transport for the entire Melbourne network

Thanks to the Carlton Residents Association for  sharing it, and  for preparing it.

East West Toll rd versus Public transport upgrades




YES to Doncaster Rail | NO to East West Toll Road



The Carlton Residents Association Inc.
A0034345G ABN 87 715 923 898
P.O.Box 1140  Carlton Vic 3053

Bunnings/Westfield head to VCAT

Further to the Bunnings and VCAT story a few days ago – the Weekly Review Eastern has some more details in their article below…

 It has been suggested that part of a compromise might have to come from Manningham council itself, re the residential content, otherwise the matter could be delayed indefinitely, given the resources and political clout of these two giants.

The article in the Age goes on to say, “But Westfield Corporate manager Julia  affairs said Westfield was in dialogue with Bunnings in the interest of resolving things outside the appeal process”. Continue reading Bunnings/Westfield head to VCAT →


This in From Rodney, taking a look the combination of Excavation and Heights.

There are so may loose ends to this amendment (C96 amendment to DD08 High Density Zones,) you have to question the wasting of resources, especially now that they foreshadow yet another amendment.

If you read the attachment 4 of the minutes (not previously discussed) and various comments from Lester Townsend this “strategy” seems further away than ever in being finalised. It has Continue reading PIECEMEAL PLANNING Heights & Depths →

Review cul de sacs and side streets within sub-precinct A of DDO8 – Council Agenda 28 May 2013

Not letting of the pressure, this letter has been sent to Manningham Council’s Mayor, Jennifer Yang, seeking the status of the outstanding issues from the C96 amendment that was recently passed.

Dear Jennifer,
 I would appreciate if you could advise me on where we stand with respect to:
Action 2.3: Review cul de sacs and side streets within sub-precinct A of DDO8 – Council Agenda 28 May 2013 which was identified as Attachment 4 of the Amendment C96 process and requires further action as it failed to be addressed within the Amendment C96 process. Continue reading Review cul de sacs and side streets within sub-precinct A of DDO8 – Council Agenda 28 May 2013 →

Bunnings Doncaster Appealed to VCAT by Westfield Shoppington

Bunnings Site VCAT Appeal

At its May Council meeting, Council approved a planning permit application lodged by Bunnings for the site at 659-667 Doncaster Road, between Tower Street and Council Streets, Doncaster. The application proposes a three stage combined retail and residential development that includes 385 apartments and retail and trade supplies (Bunnings).

Westfield has lodged an appeal to the development and the application will now be determined in the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

See the map at this link : Bunnings site is marked “18”, Westfield Shoppingtown is marked “5”