Optimal Supermarket size for Jackson Court

As previously discussed there is a proposal to rezone Michel St Doncaster East, along side Jackson Court to allow a five story building comprising Supermarket, Residences, and Reception Centre. this would meen a huge building immediately adjancent to existing homes – up to 19 meters high is proposed, where it is currently 11 meters maximum, and most homes are under 9 meters.

There are also concerns about what sort of Supermarket is viable or best suited for this environment. An assesment was done for the Council a few years ago, around the time the existing Safeway was closing…. Doncaster East Jackson court Needs Analysis for Supermarket – Tim Nott – Oct 2008

An alternative strategy has been suggested and should be considered in the current context for it’s appropriateness, and long term viability in this location.

What do you think would work in this area? Is big better for you ? What is the future of supermarkets ? How will online affect local super markets in the coming years?

As commented today by Doris Tran, A supermarket similar to the Foodworks in Greythorn (approx 350sqm) could be Continue reading Optimal Supermarket size for Jackson Court →

The Doncaster rail – an ode to inaction

I missed this clever little bit of ART at our shopping centre on Saturday – pointing out that Doncaster has been waiting since 1888 for a train  –  125 Years !

You can get the full story on the two following Facebook pages ; it was run by “A4tnt Artists for Trains Not Tolls”  and reported nicely by “Urban Happiness.”

Doncaster Rail When 2013-11-24 Andrew Kelly Continue reading The Doncaster rail – an ode to inaction →

Jackson Court Mitchell St Proposal Info night

Some updates  from Graham around the Mitchell St / Jackson court Supermarket, and residential development information night. The development  requires a Planning Zone change to achieve the height & design of the project .
Five Levels – 19 meters, with town houses & homes adjoining on the west side See Map image
At tonight’s info session  (Wed Nov 20th 2013)  there were objectors (from Lord St) and June and I .
Councillor  Dot Haynes was there as she, with councillor  McLeish are the only councillors opposing this proposal.
It appeared those from Lord St were basically concerned about car parking, traffic congestion excessive height of the building and requesting what the council could do about it in the planning permit conditions to address this.  They seemed to accept it is a forgone conclusion it will go ahead.  We are aiming for the zone change not to go ahead then no planning  permit, hence the direction of my comments so far.
The applicant’s designer/ planner, Phillip Borelli, from SJB Planning , gave the overview.  Very typical, what are your issues and we can fix it or already addressed in the design, not even recognising it as a money making exercise to justify the supermarket.
We need to emphasise this proposal is just not appropriate for this residential zone and need everyone’s support / objection.
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VCAT sides with Residents and Refuses Drastically Changed Plans

This is good news from Whitehorse Council, where VCAT agrees with Residents.

via Mary Drost – Marvelous Melbourne

THE WHITEHORSE COUNCIL AND WERA JOINED FORCES TO REFUSE TO AGREE TO AMENDED PLANS GOING TO VCAT  AND DEPUTY PRESIDENT HELEN GIBSON AGREED AND SO THE APPLICATION HAS GONE BACK TO COUNCIL.     This is what we have been asking for for years.   Bring this to the attention of your council and urge them to do the same.  The precedent has now been set.

Attached is the letter that WERA and residents of Everton Grove sent to VCAT when the developer came up with 68 changes and Continue reading VCAT sides with Residents and Refuses Drastically Changed Plans →

Demolition Kills Auction

What do you get when you try to sell opposite a large development? ZERO Bids!

There is a lovely town house in Curlew court Doncaster Opposite the current demolition works for 30 appartments.

Well the auctioneer tried hard, but only got two bids from the sixteen groups of onlookers – and both bids were the auctioneers’ own vendor bids!

I did think it quaint how he had just finished describing the serenity of the small  court, when the piling machines started smashing away on the construction site below. Continue reading Demolition Kills Auction →

Boundary Set Backs and Underpinning when too close

Following from the recent notice to a neighbor of works protruding into his property “Underpinning”

Here are the ResCode guide, and the boundary in question, as well as the council’s response to our three questions – which itself will have to be clarified…

1. Does a developer have any right to insist access a neighbour’s property during building works?

2. If the Neighbour wants some advice to explain the documents, can the Council help explain, and if so who?

3. Is the council party to these documents? Continue reading Boundary Set Backs and Underpinning when too close →

Building works dig into neighbors property

What would you do if the builder from next door,  gave you a bunch of technical drawings and asked you to sign approval for underpinning works to be done under YOUR driveway and well within in your property boundary?

That’s what happened here in Curlew court last week. Neighbor to the development  said “I was told that the drawings they sent to me indicated that they will be inserting several concrete ‘pilings’ underneath the driveway on my side of the property. “

He was given 14 days to sign and accept the document, or give a valid technical? reason why he would not allow it.

The developer was asked to explain the drawings as they were not clear, and not something a normal lay person would be familiar with.

We have also asked the council if they are aware of it, and who can help them understand both the impact of the request, and the legal requirement to allow or otherwise.

The cause of this situation is the appartment block being built, is so close to the boundary, that the adjoining property cannot be protected from within the building site. And there is a two level underground car park to build.

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Knock down and excavations have begun in Thiele and Curlew

Both 5-7 Curlew Court, and 2-6 Thiele St Doncaster develpoments have begun!

No5 Curlew’s old house is gone, 7 is still there with moving trucks there this weekend.

2-6 Thiele st were cleared of the old houses over the last few weeks, and now development ( excavation,)  for the 50 apartments cars is underway.

The same company is doing both developments, it will be interesting to see if they build all at once to improve efficiencies, or one site at  a time…

Building all at once would have the issue of releasing 80 ( 50+30) appartments in one location at once and competing with yourself for sales…

Tomorrow wil be a big test, school is back, and with it school traffic competing with the frequent flow of excavation trucks in the Thiele side street….


MSS and DDO8 – Small sites, restricted developments.

Some large developments are getting knocked back by council lately, it seems due to the DD08 zone, C96 Tightening of requirements. Thankyou to Amelia for sharing this.

19 August 2013 3:29:22 PM
Teresa, Joe and Councillors,
Can it be assumed that the grounds for refusal in items 1 and 2 of the attached page, 2 storeys only on lots less than 1800sqm in sub-precinct A, in accordance with clause 21.05 of the MSS, will be consistently applied in similar circumstances henceforth?  Continue reading MSS and DDO8 – Small sites, restricted developments. →

Could apartments be built on a Res3 zoned property?

In Manningham Council much of the residential areas ( away from activity centres,) is zoned “Residential 3” often referred to as Res3.

There recently was a site up for sale and the locals were concerned that a developer might buy it for apartments, fortunately the answer from Manningham planning was that apartments would not be allowed.

Two storey townhouses would be possible, but not Apartments. Follow this link find out more about Zoning in Manningham. Continue reading Could apartments be built on a Res3 zoned property? →