Water Need, Costs, Alternatives.

Just how important will the water contribution of the proposed Doncaster sewage treatment plant be?       Less than 0.1% of the Desal Plant… And at what cost?

It has been superceded by the Desal, & you are already paying for that.

Three details worthy of note below:

  1. EPA residential Buffer zones around this site are 200m & 300 meters, not the 25m proposed !
  2. Westfield shopping town was not required to accommodate this water source, during their upgrades.
  3. Melbourne’s Storm water is 94% of it’s annual water usage.

It would seem that both parties ( Manningham council & Yarra Valley Water,) were locked in long before they called for public comment and councillor endorsement. Manningham Planning Officers made the third pipe mandatory in all proposals from 2009 while YVW designed and located the plant.


  • The Wonthaggi Desalination Plant was given the go ahead 12 months after the 2008 memorandum of understanding between Manningham and YVW.
  • The Desalination plant will have a capacity to deliver 200 gigalitres.
  • Melbourne’s annual water consumption is between 410-425 gigalitres.
  • Melbourne’s annual stormwater is approximately 400 gigalitres.
  • Melbourne’s annual waste water discharge is approximately 300 gigalitres.
  • The higher cost of water due to the running of the Desalination Plant ($1.97 million per day plus contracted water delivery), will in itself further the prudent use of water,
  • In fairness to YVW and Manningham Council there was no decision on a Desalination Plant at the time of the MOU.
  • Westfield Shopping Town does not have the third pipe facility nor do a number of existing permits.

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Breaking News.. Some good info from Mary Drost, as discussed earlier, this is likely to intermingle / coincide with the DD08 C96 High density plans Manningham are part way through –  we do need to make our views heard…


The Department of Planning & Community Development (DPCD) have released details of the new zones which can be accessed on www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/reformedzones

The zones are :

  • Activity Centre Zone(ACZ)
  • Comprehensive Development Zone(CDZ)
  • Mixed Use Zone (MUZ)
  • Residential Growth Zone (RGZ)       Similar to the Current DD08 zone – but open to 12.5 Meter height.
  • General Residential Zone (GRZ)      Similar to the Current Res3 zone – Height up to 9m or other set by council.
  • Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ)

The areas that will be subject to the various zones will be selected by our council.

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EPA guidelines say Don’t

Further confirmation that the Doncaster Sewer plant is proposed in the wrong place… this was sent in by Stephen.

Reading Yarra Valleys Waters application to the EPA (dated May 2012) seeking approval for the Doncaster Hill Treatment Plant, raises more questions, than answers. Buffer zones are designed to protect inappropriate land uses from colliding. Nothing could be a perfect example of this as the case of sensitive  residential land uses and a sewerage treatment plant and yet, Yarra Valley Water have ignored even the EPA guidelines with scientific gibberish to skirt around distance requirements. Even the EPA in their document (Recommended Buffer Distances from Industrial Residual Air Emissions, July 1990) states (page 1) “ Even with good pollution control technology, there may still be unintended or accidental emissions which must be anticipated and allowed for. …it is recognised that even “state of the art” technology is not always capable of achieving this goal without fail”..

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High Density Planning Review Process C50 before DD08

    How were the Residents involved in the Previous Planning review ?   How will the Current DD08,  C96 review be handled ?

Strategy Presented To The Panel: C50

The draft of provisions provided to the panel Nov 2005 document is at odds with Council’s undertaking to the community. Even the Manningham officers report, presented to Councillors prior to presentation to the panel on the 27/9/05, did not mention storeys.

The chronology of documents speak for themselves, Council first advertised a plan acceptable to the community then without consulting the public, presented an entirely different plan to the Panel hearing in November 2005.

  • Information on the Residential Strategy was advertised over a period of more than 12 months, in media articles and letters sent to 30,000 affected parties (2004 to 2005)
  • They clearly stipulated that two storeys would be permitted on lots less than 2000m2 and three storeys on larger lots with height limits of 9m and 11m respectively.
  • This development formula was accepted by the community since two storey town house clusters were already being developed.
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New State Residential Zones

So where does it leave Manningham ? We are in the Midst of our High Density Growth Zone Planning Review…

and Now the State Gov brings in it’s new mix of the whole zoning thing…

Well the State may change the name, but there is still a focus of growth in the areas around activity centers,  so it makes a lot of sense to tell council what we expect, and NOW.

Do submit to the Manningham council High density DD08 C96 amendment, after all it is our neighborhoods they are messing with.

From this press release : New-and-improved-Residential-Zones-fact-sheet

What changes are proposed?
The existing Residential 1 Zone, Residential 2 Zone and Residential 3 Zone are to be abolished and replaced by three new residential zones: Continue reading New State Residential Zones →

Stop the sewage in the park

You can help sort this out – easily. this just in from Fiona, one of the Key organisers against this proposed plant.

Hi Everyone,

I would just like to thank all those who came to the protest – what a success – 3aw, ch7 and ch10 coverage!

Check out this video on YouTube of channel 10 news report:  Youtube

The Melbourne eastern weekly: Article

Please write comments on these articles and feel free to call talkback radio – the more comments the more articles we will get.

For those of you on facebook please like this page: Facebook

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In A Stink – Protest

Protest 12.30, 9/7/12 at Manningham Council Offices .

Today saw the Channel 10 coverage of a community rally against the sewage plant proposed by Council and Yarra Valley Water at the Tram Road reserve just 25m from established residences.

Congratulations to Fiona, Ming, Steve on their presentations to the Applewood community.

Thanks Also to the Residents Group for their strong support earlier today.



Thiele St Clogged

Another 100 ?  apartments for Traffic Clogged Thiele St.

Thiele St Doncaster Already has an unfair lot of traffic issues for a side street.

  • High School access from Doncaster Rd.
  • Limited Parking.
  • Restricted Views, dangerous blind spots.
  • Both way traffic, and one lane to use.

Now there is a proposed 55 Apartments at No2, 4 & 6 Thiele St. ( Council Vote Due July 31st.)

And if that is not heavy enough, No3 Thiele has just sold, and is expected to be joined with No2 & 4 Curlew court for another similar size development.

Tell the Council this is not OK.  Use the council form below – it has the site reference details included. Include your details, and add your comments.

It is OK to fill in the form and email it. You do not have to sign and scan it.

pln191 MANNINGHAM CITY COUNCIL Objection doncaster Thiele 2-4-6 Parking


High Density Apartments in side streets, what controls, C96?

The regulations that control how BIG a development in a side street can be, are being reviewed, the last big review was 2005, and now the Manningham council has received State Gov approval to display their next iteration.

…Manningham Leader October 2005:  Seven-storey Hill units OK…

…..Long term residents of Doncaster Hill have been told to accept Manningham Council’s high-rise version for the precinct or move on….

2011-11  words of Planning Minister Matthew Guy: “the view that greater density can happen anywhere is not one that I subscribe to. We want to get away from days where people living in little courts, or quiet streets, wake up and find 50 apartments are going to be built where one house was”.

2012   Manningham City Council-spawned DD08 overlay into Amendment C96 – “tightening controls”

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How Much Development Can a Side Street Take ?

  • 5-7 Curlew Court still has no decision from VCAT yet.
  • There is a sign at the entrance of Curlew court on Thiele advising of plans for 55 Apartment, 4 stories tall.
  • And another Long term resident has given up and sold this week, now making another three in a row…The first two held by developers, and the third selling before the sign went up.

Things do not look good  – If you want to save your Street, and everyone’s like us, Tell the Council to STOP it.

Council are taking submissions on proposed changes  ( Again) DD08 C96 Any previous submissions are not included –  this is a new phase.

The sites in Red have been recently sold to developers.

The single dwelling convenants mean that these site are not able to be developed, and can only be normal homes – next to four storey monsters…