Refund my Excess Water service Fees !

Plenty of talk about this one, but here is the easy way to ask for your money back…. Click to make email below.

From the Age – the full article is below.

What David Galbally QC has recommended you do is send this letter below to YOUR water provider, with Your Account Number and name added, and yo should do it ASAP.  Some of the supplier websites are say they will give it back eventually – see below.  You could still play it safe and send your letter as drafted below. Continue reading Refund my Excess Water service Fees ! →

Vic Metropolitan Planning Strategy Online Forums – close June 25th

Did you know the State Gov is looking for your input ?

They haven’t got a lot of feed back yet so your input might be noticed !

Plan Melbourne online forums.

The forums  cover a range of themes such as housing, transport, people and the economy.

The online forums will run throughout the development of the strategy, however the current forum questions will close on Monday 25 June 2012. Continue reading Vic Metropolitan Planning Strategy Online Forums – close June 25th →

Misleading consultants, put a spin on Bikes and Hills.

A Picture can tell a thousand words, it can also be very misleading.

Here is an interesting Perspective, one from the Leader news paper, and the one the councils’ consultant taken – while standing atop a ladder. Continue reading Misleading consultants, put a spin on Bikes and Hills. →

VicSmart will create more planning problems than it solves

Further to our prior articles on Code assess...

VicSmart will create more planning problems than it solves

Save Our Suburbs    MEDIA RELEASE   12 June 2012

Most of the rationale for the new VicSmart planning process doesn’t stack up, according to Save Our Suburbs president, Ian Wood.

He strongly criticised the lack of community input into the new assessment criteria, council CEOs being responsible for permit decisions, the increased lack of accountability for developers, and the lack of appeal rights for residents.
Mr Wood pointed out that Continue reading VicSmart will create more planning problems than it solves →

Parking waivers causing ‘chaos’ take heed for Manninghams’ future

It seems Manningham is not the ony council with parking versus Developments issues…

A couple of things to consider here, so as to put it into Manninghams’ perspective.

  1. Higher density suburds such as those in Yarra is where Manningham is heading with it’s increased density plans.
  2. Most areas of Yarra have Train, Tram & Bus public transport. Manningham has bus only.

And while we are on the Topic – here’s one from Whitehorse Council – Grocon wanted to build 19 Storey Office with only 50 car spaces – not the 386 council recommended. Whitehorse Council car park wrangle – Melbourne Weekly Eastern

And from June 4th  Yarra Leader Newspaper:

Parking waivers causing ‘chaos’

The big parking squeeze on Yarra streets is set to become a council election issue later this year. Divisions have appeared among councillors on how to balance the demand for parking with a push towards more sustainable transport options. YARRA Council will review its policy on parking waivers after a councillor said the current system was pouring money into the pockets of developers and leading to parking chaos. Continue reading Parking waivers causing ‘chaos’ take heed for Manninghams’ future →

Stand for council – Support is there…

The coming Council elections are in October 2012. They could be your chance to become a community leader,  add direction and your voice to the council.  All state councils will be holding elections.

Learn all about the opportunity at a free session Wed July 11th  – see below. or read this Candidate Handbook Melbourne By-Election (4Meg)

You’ll have opportunities to: To stand for council, you’ll need:
  • help your community
  • improve infrastructure
  • improve local planning
  • improve amenity
  • build engaged communities
  • passion, commitment and time
  • an interest in your community
  • an interest in local government
  • to be prepared to learn
  • to be accountable

There is some good info to be found on the Manningham council web site  ( similar can be found for all councils on their web sites.)

Councilors and wards in Manningham.      What is the role of councilor ?         What is the role of Mayor ?

As an individual, a Councillor is expected to represent the interests of residents and ratepayers. This means providing community leadership and guidance, and improving communication between the community and Council.

What do they get Paid ?   (Note: this is usually handled as a part time role.)

Councillor Allowances Mayoral Allowance
$22,616 $69,61

(Plus expenses.)       Each year the Mayor is chosen from the councilors, by the councilors.


Support Organisation – Stand for council

(Here you will find info suitable for all councils) Continue reading Stand for council – Support is there… →

Council Experts got Covenant protection wrong.

This is a great example that come in last week, shows that you cannot sit back and expect the council or their experts to “Protect you.” Not only were they considering removing the protective covenant, but the expert report they relied on which told them it was OK went against the public proof that was given to them….


We’ve had a MAJOR WIN in relation to the removal of covenant request at 42 Walker Street.

 [Fri 8/06/2012 10:19 AM ]  A quick summary:

Council said that the reason we were not notified by mail is that we (the rest in the subdivision) were not beneficiaries. They said that we can be burdened by a covenant yet not beneficiaries to it. Council had based this on a report they received from a ‘covenant expert’ in support of the application that showed that the only beneficiaries were Continue reading Council Experts got Covenant protection wrong. →

Koonung 2 votes until November – Unfair

The Cries for our fair representation , (our third council vote,) were denied on Tuesday Night.

When the residents request to replace Cr Jessica Villareal ASAP was put to the vote – it was a dead locked vote.

Half said too close to October elections, others said Koonung has been treated poorly and should be fairly represented ASAP.

Mayor Gough voted against, completing the deadlocked vote. And so as Mayor, he got to decide himself – and Koonung misses out now and until post next elections.

There was a lot of feisty attacks to say the least, on each other, and on potential Villareal replacements – you should listen to the Meeting audio from Council.

Cr Reid also split some home truths about the dysfunctional group of councilors currently in office – I’m sure there’ll be plenty about that in the papers next week.

Now our concern for Koonung is higher than ever

As you may have noticed more often than not, the Koonung Ward concerns are against excessive developments, high-density zoning etc, and unfortunately Mayor Gough has always been very vocally pro development.

So we see a big risk there for the next several months.

Continue reading Koonung 2 votes until November – Unfair →

Koonung Councilor Resigns – and leaves us stranded.

2012 – May 25th  Jessica Villarreal resigned today as one of the Koonung Ward Councillors!

Koonung councilor Jessica Villareal has been Absent much of her time at Manningham Council, and has now resigned after two months leave.  Why is this such a big deal ? because it means for the last six months Koonung has only had at best two of it’s three votes, and in that time some major cases have gone up and been passed through – such as the Draft Residential Strategy which focuses most of the growth in Koonung ward!

We believe council is putting the matter of the vacancy at the meeting tomorrow ( May 29th, 7pm) please send council an email ASAP!!!  Tell them you want Fair representation!

Recent Koonung Ward attendance by the 3 councillors is as follows;

 December nil, January 2, February 3, March 1 and April 1 and May only 2 possible, an average of 1.5 councillors attending meetings since November.

 Since November last year J.Villarreal had only attended the February meeting.

You may recall Jessica only got the job after Continue reading Koonung Councilor Resigns – and leaves us stranded. →

Overload Doncaster – Thiele st – 55 apartments, four Stories, opposite Curlew Court entrance.

Side Street Overload

Sign went up yesterday for 55 apartments, four storeys high, in DD08 Precinct A, where only 3 Storeys are intended !

Council planning – Jeff Gower – has been discussing this with the developer for months prior to this, trying to get it to a reasonable starting point….

The fourth storey is clearly out of recomendations, and so is likely to be an ambit claim. i.e. “Well we wanted four stories, but because we are such nice developers we will make it only 3 storey’s…”

(In negotiation, an ambit claim is an extravagant initial demand made in expectation of an eventual counter-offer and compromise. )

Backing onto these three blocks are normal single level houses in a court, with single dwelling restrictive covenants – and so will NEVER be built to match this proposed bulk.

A Single Dwelling Restrictive Covenant – could save your neighbourhood.

This is the street that gets much of the High school pedestrian and car traffic.

12 months ago we warned that 8 apartments here would make a cross road effect with the Curlew court entrance.

Now they are proposing 55 apartments – right where the purple “8” is on the picture below. They have also asked for a reduction in car spaces provided.

Curlew Area 2013 Traffic Kaos

Curlew Area 2013 Traffic Kaos

More details to follow, once we review the plans etc at the council.