SOS Report – finds Curlew 5-7 Non-compliant to many regulations.

This report is a summary of the extent of Over-development proposed for Curlew Court.

If you are up against a well funded building corporation, then Save Our Suburbs  ( SOS) might be able to help you, like they did for us. 

SOS have quite a lot of resources on their site for you. They can also refer you to town planners willing to review plans on your behalf if you want them to.

Save Our Suburbs

Save Our Suburbs

Ian Wood is a qualified  planning consultant, who we accessed via SOS. (For a very reasonable price.) He did find many things in this planning submission, that every day people just would not see.

BSc, Dip.Ed, Grad.Dip.Envir.& Planning, Member PIA
Planning Consultant.

We are very happy with what he has done for us.

Mind you, it doesn’t mean we should sit back, there is still a lot of things for us to do, and local knowledge is as important as regulations.


PL11/021877:   5-7 Curlew Court Doncaster


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Parking & Traffic reports IGNORE other new Developments.

Did you know, that when developers submit a building application to Council, they can IGNORE Traffic & Parking arising from other previously approved developments !

It is normal practice for the professional Traffic & Parking impact submissions, to exclude the following:

  1. Exclude – Existing Council Approved developments – “they might never get built.”
  2. Exclude Completed developments, until people move in. ” We can’t be sure of their travel habits.”

Well I can tell you one thing for sure – Anyone who lives in Manningham knows this:

People in Manningham,  usually get around by Car. The other options just don’t cut it.

Cut the Crap guys – Tell the full truth, the whole impact!

Don’t pretend each development is on it’s own.



Lane squeeze on Doncaster Rd

What is the Council doing by reducing the number of lanes on Doncaster Rd
immediately after the freeway exit from 3 to 2? With these new high density
developments, a hill that prohibits walking and bike riding for many, the
only alternative form of transport for residents is to drive. The Council
seems to be doing all it can to prevent residents from driving around the
area they live in. They can’t have it both ways.


Doncaster Rd Traffic Up by 35% not Down 0.8% !

The Manningham council’s Traffic consultants GTA made predictions in 2002, stating how the traffic on Doncaster Rd would DECREASE by 0.8% over the next 10 years, however that has proven very Wrong.  ( Now UP by 35%) See article below

GTA have now been engaged by Manningham again to predict the traffic for Doncaster Hill in 2020…Their predictions will be fundamental in planning of the Doncaster Hill precinct and surrounding areas, the population growth accommodation, and the push for pedestrians & cyclists to proliferate.

Who else remembers the Doncaster road traffic jams before the freeway went through ? I used to take over 10 minutes to get those first 3-4 kilometers…


Warren has all the facts below, do read on … Continue reading Doncaster Rd Traffic Up by 35% not Down 0.8% ! →

Tell it to the State Gov. Planners.

We were Happy to see this invite arrive in the email today..

“Have your say on improving Victoria’s planning system”

Your submission must be in by August 31st ! – use our samples below.

Why are we happy ? well as I have said previously

The apartment development issue, (and the greater DD08 zone issue,) is a State Government responsibility, along these terms:
1. Government creates zoning and pushes for more homes in Melbourne, including Manningham.
2. Builders follow DD08 zone rules, and submit a plan.
3. Council planners check builders’ plans meet zoning rules, not specific local capacities, nor sustainability.
4. Residents object – after learning the myriad of rules.
5. Builders not happy with council and residents conditions / requests.
6. Builder goes to VCAT.
7. VCAT checks Builder meets DD08 Rules – Plan gets approved without local approval.
Therefore a change needs to be at step one – Government zoning rules need to change.

Have your say, email to:

Please use this cover sheet: 1-1881442-Submissions-cover-sheet-Planning-System-MAC-22-July

Use our sample letters :  letter for neighbours to send to minister.

Why it is important to YOU: letter to residents to get support for protest and letters to planning

Full instructions are here on the Gov. Web site : Vic Planning Schemes Review


The email came from the Planning Minister Matthew Guy, via the email of Mary Wooldridge, as below:

One problem though – his press release links to a missing page ! Try this one Instead :     Vic Planning Schemes Review

I thought you might be interested in having your say on ways our planning system can be improved.  The Coalition Government wants to improve Victoria’s planning system and is now seeking the your view on how that can be done.
This is your chance to tell the Government just what you think of our planning system, what you think works, and what you think does not work.
I’d encourage you to make a submission if you can.  Please feel free to send a copy to me for my information.
I’m enclosing a copy of a press release from the Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy which outlines further details. 110714_Guy-Have_your_say_on_mproving_Victorias_planning_system 
Now I know I’m not the only one this was sent to, as half a dozen others forwarded it to me as well –  Thank you all.

Somehow I don’t think anything will change before the final vote on some of our streets,  but we are sure gonna tell them how it aint working now !

Council’s family affair – Manningham Leader

Koonung ward lost one of it’s three representatives when Charles Pick resigned, after his failed running for  a Labour government seat.
Since then the Manningham council has been counting backwards through the votes from the previous council elections,  to find who can take Cr Picks place. First in line was Cr Picks fiancee – she declined, second place was no longer eligible, third choice and final winner was Cr Picks sister Jessica Villarreal


Anyone want to explain that for me ???

Looks like we have some-one new to bring up to speed on our plight…
More details are on the Manningham leader – see page 5.


Bike path cost a bit steep, Bicycles & Expert Consultants !

This one just in from Warren, the champion for the bike riders and pedestrians amongst us.. Part 2

I would appreciate it if you could arrange it for the website. It should also be in tomorrow’s paper.
There is more to this story than meets the eye, either there was an instruction not to mention the area topography or the consultants and engineers engaged in producing the 3 pedestrian/cycle plans were incompetent.


Bike Path Cost a Bit Steep - Dual Paths

Bike Path Cost a Bit Steep - Dual Paths

——ORIGINAL EMAIL —– From: Warren [address not published]
Sent: Tuesday, 21 June 2011 11:50 AM

To: All Manningham Councilors and  Planning management.  Subject: Safe Gradient Review

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8 yrs, 3 costly Pedestrian/Cycling plans, and not a single reference to unsafe gradients !

This one just in from Warren, the champion for the bike riders and pedestrians amongst us.. Part 1

From: Warren [address not published]
Sent: Thursday, 7 July 2011 12:01 PM
To: Manningham Leader
Subject: Dual paths,   Letter for residents comments

After 8 years and substantial revenue directed towards the promotion of three costly Pedestrian/Cycling plans (2003, 2009 and 2010) and not a single reference to area topography, Manningham Council have at last responded to resident concerns by agreeing to employ a consultant to determine if the gradients, particularly in the South and Western precincts of Doncaster Hill, are within safe limits. The key entry Streets to both sectors, Lawford and Short have gradients of 12%, four times the standard guidelines according to the authorities on the website ..Hills, Gradients & Slopes-Bicycle Victoria. Aust Roads, among several contributors to this site, describe the potential hazards of cyclists speeding down steep slopes and the risks to walkers and riders ascending. The report goes on to say that under normal conditions a maximum gradient of 3% is recommended while a slope of 5% is acceptable providing flat sections (landings) are installed at 20 meter intervals. However in high density areas such as envisaged for Doncaster Hill, where a wide diversity of users could include the physically impaired, a maximum gradient of 2% is recommended.


[full name withheld]

CEO Reappointment by Stealth !

Interesting find by Ed, a local resident, there was a small Notice in the paper stating:

Ed quite rightly asks the following question:

(To the advertising manager Manningham Leader.)

“Please tell me why this attached advert is not in the Leader newspaper and why wouldn’t a $310,000 job be advertised at this time of ratepayers rage.
Perhaps somebody more capable may apply?

Yours Ed.”

We do also need to ask the same question directly of Manningham council. I will post thier response. I have also asked Ed to confirm which section it was in.

CEO reappointment by Stealth

CEO reappointment by Stealth

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RAIDID in the News – Apartment plan upsets the residents

Manningham Leader, July 9th.

Frank & Les with their best “NOT HAPPY JAN” faces on, were able to share the reality of the over development, from Curlew Court itself. You can see the dead end of the Court behind them (us,) and we hope this is the first of many updates by the papers, in our effort to raise awareness.

Leader Newspaaper article 2011 July 6th - Curlew court

Leader Newspaaper article 2011 July 6th – curlew Court