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Doc Searls’ Buzz Phraser is an hilarious tool that lets you produce and share Mad Libs type phrases that come scarily close to sounding like all that gross overblown bumph and bafflegab written by bureaucrats.
Author Doc Searl

Author Doc Searls

The original BuzzPhraser was created in 1992 as a spreadsheet, then a HyperCard stack; and it quickly became one of the most-downloaded files on both AOL and Compuserve.  For years after that it languished, mostly because I didn’t want to re-write the software.  But when the Web came along, I knew I had to find a way to re-create it.  The means didn’t find that end, however, until Charles Roth grabbed the buzzwords by their serifs and made it happen, using a bit of clever Javascript.  Once you start having fun with the new BuzzPhraser, I’m sure you’ll thank him as much as I do. The story that follows was written for the original BuzzPhraser.

BuzzPhrases are built with TechnoLatin, a non language that replaces plain English nouns with vague but precise- sounding substitutes. In Techno Latin, a disc drive is a “data management solution”. A network is “work group productivity platform”. A telephone is a telecommunications device”



Mary Drost Backlash

Mary Drost  Convenor

Residents’ groups are being overwhelmed by the ever increasing planning issues and government strategies that keep us busy reacting  instead of us concentrating upon positive changes to maintain our liveable status. Meanwhile our residential areas are being plundered by developers only intent on exploiting every construction opportunity, regardless of the impact upon our residential areas. It is time we took a more proactive stance by reminding our governments, both state and federal as well as our councils, that they exist to look after our best interests, not the vested interests of the development industry, foreign investors  and other non-constituents.We held a public forum with an expert panel at which Continue reading BACKLASH RELEASES A RESIDENTS BILL OF RIGHTS →

Cycle Manningham – Lets Promote Secure Bicycle parking.

Do you think we could get  a plan together between council and transport groups to devise, and promote some where we could ride to, and then leave our bikes while we take the bus to work for the day?

How about places the Kids an leave their bikes safely, then jump on the bus to school ?

Places like the park and ride have a major version, but wouldn’t it be good to get wider spread options to promote bicycle usage in our areas .

How many places have you seen?  where should we suggest?  I would recommend any of the bus terminus locations.

Boroondara Council have a good page on cycling for their area


It doesn’t have to be a five star hotel for bikes, but some thing to avoid this. 


John Joyner, highly regarded ex senior planning officer at Manningham council, now the principal of Melbourne Planning Outcomes (MPO), has been engaged as the planning consultant for Anne Wang c/-Jiakun Li (designer), the applicant for a three storey development at 51-53 Beverley Street, East Doncaster, to assist at a VCAT hearing in September this year. This is an extraordinary situation where VCAT will now determine the outcome of the proposal instead of Manningham Council because it had contravened section 79 of the planning and environment act 1987 by exceeding the 60 day statutory period for the responsible authority to determine an application.

John Joyner Manningham

John Joyner Former Manningham Planner

The applicant had complied with all requirements, including the advertising of plans etc. by Thursday the 29th of October 2015 but council did not list the proposal for decision until five months later on Tuesday the 29th of March 2016. VCAT informed Manningham council that the proponent had lodged an application on Wednesday the 9th of March requesting the tribunal decide the matter on the grounds Manningham had exceeded the statutory provisions. It is hard to imagine why VCAT, if not the proponent or its consultants, did not inform Manningham council in time to have the matter removed from the agenda set down for the Tuesday the 29th of March 2016. But it went ahead as scheduled anyway with Councillors voting to support council officers recommendation to refuse to issue a permit.

There were several Continue reading FORMER COUNCIL PLANNER DROPS BOMB ON DDO8 →


The “Magnolia” a 15 storey apartment tower under construction in Hepburn Road, corner of Short Street will be the highest building in Doncaster when completed later this year. The maximum height of the project is proposed at 46.1 metres above the natural ground level to the highest point.

Three More Storeys Click to enlarge

Three More Storeys
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Basement Excavation Click to enlarge

Now  Basement Parking
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This proposal  3D Views 20hepburn  on Doncaster Hill was lodged with council nearly five years ago when local developer interest had waned somewhat, well before the current crop of overseas developers had arrived on the scene. During this period Council would agree to give special consideration to any developer who was prepared to purchase and consolidate small blocks of land.  The previous permit holder had purchased four houses at 20-24 Hepburn Road and 1 Short Street to create a large enough area (3114 m2) to accommodate the development in return council agreed to increase the height of the project Continue reading DONCASTER HIGHEST BUILDING WELL ADVANCED →


CBRE the sellimg agents have confirmed that Pace Development Group have purchased the land at Mitchell St in the Jackson Court Activity Centre for over $13 Million, approx $3,550 per sqm

Mtchell Street Frontage Click to enlarge

Mitchell Street Frontage                                                                                                        

Shane Wilkinson Pace Managing Director

Shane Wilkinson 

The sale to Pace Development Goup, its Managing Director Shane Wilkinson pictured left, comes more than 12 months after the Manningham Leader had reported that the five storey multi use development had been advertised for sale as “the development opportunity of the year” but owner Mr Mimmo said the property was not for sale at that stage and the proposal had been listed on an agent’s website without his knowledge

The five storey proposal, on a land area of 3.661 sqm, has approval for 69 apartments and up to 1,078 sqm for specialty shops and at least 1,300 sqm to be set aside for supermarket Continue reading AUSSIE GROUP TO BUILD MITCHELL ST PROPOSAL →


The total wage bill for Manningham CEO and four executives had increased by $119,796, from $1,106,771 at June 2013 to $1,226,567 effective as at the 30th of June 2015. This was equal to an increase on total wages of nearly 11% in the space of two years!  A reliable source within Council expects this year’s annual report to reveal a further rise of 4.7% in the current financial year.

Officers Salaries 2013 Click to enlarge

Exec Officers Wages 2013
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Exec Officers Wages 2014 Click to enlarge

Exec Officers Wages 2014
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Exec Officers Wages 2015 Click to enlarge

Exec Officers Wages 2015
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Executives have Continue reading COUNCIL EXEC WAGES ROSE 1O.8% IN TWO YEARS →


Behaviour_change_plan_image“If Manningham council are serious about a behavior change and want to encourage more people to walk on Doncaster Hill, they should provide areas near high rise apartments where shopping trolleys could be stationed and collected after use instead of shoppers having to wheel them all the way back, via unfriendly pedestrian crossings, 300 metres to Westfield shops”.writes Pinnacle resident Judith C.

Sign Outside High Rise Click to enlarge

Pinnacle Apts
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Manningham Council want residents to return shopping trolleys to stores instead of leaving them in the street outside apartment buildings. The number of complaints about trolley dumping has risen to such an extent that Council have now been forced to impose penalties.

“The Pinnacle apartment building might only be sixty metres from Westfield Shopping Centre but the nearest access is around 300 metres away in Williamsons Road, hardly close proximity when your pushing a fully laden shopping trolley up the slope in Doncaster Road”.



“In any urban area, no matter how dense, keep the majority of buildings to four storeys or less. It is possible that certain buildings should exceed this limit, but they should never be buildings for human habitation. High rise living takes people away from the ground and away from the casual, everyday society that occurs on the sidewalks and streets and on the grounds and porches. It leaves them alone in their apartments. The decision to go out for some public life becomes formal and awkward; and unless there is some specific task which brings people out in the world, the tendency is to stay home, alone”. Pattern Language Christopher Alexander world renowned architect.

Daniel Ilic Place Manager Click to enlarge

Daniel Ilic Place Manager
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Pinnacle Apartments Click to enlarge

Pinnacle Apartments
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 The government’s policy to have high rise apartment towers cater for Melbourne’s rapid population growth had not considered the impact of crime and domestic violence associated with the  cramped vertical living.  The Building Manager of the 160 apartment Pinnacle on Doncaster Hill,  Daniel Ilic, says; “Problems are fewer in high rise towers when place management is established but they still remain high compared to low rise buildings. We have closed circuit television monitors Continue reading LOWER RISE APARTMENT HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE →


The Council decision NOT to issue permit for 51 Beverley Street could be overturned at VCAT and spell the end of two storey development anywhere in the growth zones. While the proponent may agree to a plan revision to remove the roof feature and make the building less bulky etc., the developer is unlikely to agree to reduce the building to two storey because the 10 metre height, according to a previous Vcat decision, “can readily accommodate a three storey building” and  “there is nothing in the schedule that effectively prohibits a building higher than two storeys”.

3 Storey 97 Whittens Ln Height 8.84 metres Click to enlarge

3 Storey 97 Whittens Ln height 8.84 metres
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Lance Keegan wrote; “If we are to establish some certainty in the building schedule and save all these VCAT appeals, which have cost the community a small fortune, we need to prescribe a realistic height for two storeys otherwise developers will continue to exploit the 10 metre height limit. I would not want a 10 metre high building next door to me if less than 8 metres is required for a two storey building”

“Boroondara  Council specify a height of 8 metres for two storeys in their centres which they say is adequate for all contingencies. The 10 metre heiight looks more out of whack when you consider that both Boroondara and Manningham councils specify a 11 metre height for three storeys. No developer is going to waste money building a two storey contemporary building up to 10 metres if it could be achieved within 6.5 metres unless you allow them an extra storey” Bayside Council mandate storeys and heights next page Continue reading VCAT COULD DETERMINE FUTURE OF TWO STOREY →