The Manningham Transport Committee have decided not to pursue a light rail extension from North Balwyn to Doncaster Hill because it believed it would compromise attempts to secure heavy rail to the City via the Eastern freeway. But it had already been decided long ago it would be buses only for Doncaster Hill and Manningham have been told to stop tugging in other directions.

Light Rail in Sydney Click to enlarge

Light Rail in Sydney                   Click to enlarge

It is the politicians who have kept the prospect of a heavy rail service to Doncaster Hill alive by arranging rail studies now and then as part of  their election campaigns despite the fact that, like all the proposals over the past 100 years, it could never be justified on a cost effective basis.

There are also difficulties for the supporters of a light rail extension from North Balwyn and a line direct to the City via the freeway because the state government has no money. Even though, at a cost of approximately $2 Billion, including rolling stock,  it would be a fraction of the cost of constructing heavy rail which could only go as far as Doncaster Park and Ride anyway because of the Continue reading STREETCAR DESIRED BUT TRAIN MUST COME FIRST →


The plan for Doncaster Hill to become a self-sustaining village with wind turbines and solar panels on apartment buildings could have increased the purchase price of apartments by as much as ten per cent with a zero impact on global warming had Manningham Council not scrapped the plan.

Monckton Speedometer

Lord Monckton Speedometer         Click to enlarge

Lord Monckton speedometer shows a 15 years 4 months January 2001 to April 2016 at [1.1, 4.2] C°/century-equivalent interval of global warming rates (red/orange) that IPCC’s 1990, 1995 and 2001 reports predicted should be occurring by now, compared with real-world, observed warming (green) equivalent to less than 0.5 C°/century over the period.

RSS and UAH monthly near-global satellite lower-troposphere temperature anomaly values for each month from January 2001 to April 2016 were assumed to be broadly accurate and were averaged. The least-squares linear-regression trend on their mean was determined and found equivalent to 0.47 C°/century.

Ex-warmist Lance K writes, “The forecast by Al Gore, who shared a Nobel prize with the IPCC, that the Antarctic ice Continue reading GREEN HILL SCHEME WOULD HAVE COST MILLIONS →


Manningham Council have approved this roller coaster footpath in the front of the five storey apartment development at  8-10 Hepburn Road, Doncaster despite objections from residents.

8-10 Hepburn Road 1. Click to Enlarge

8-10 Hepburn Road 1.
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8-10 Hepburn Road 2. Click to enlarge

8-10 Hepburn Road 2.
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Street San Francisco Click to enlarge

Footpaths  San Francisco
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“Angela”, who lives close to the  building, contacted Councillor Dot Haynes who declared that if the footpath did not to conform to regulations it would have to  be ripped up and replaced. The council engineer, who inspected the site admitted it was not ideal, but had indicated the footpath could not be built on an even plane because of a problem with the design of the building’s entry levels Continue reading DRIVEWAY CROSS FALL MUST MATCH ROAD SLOPE →


Candidate information sessions at 7 pm in Council Chambers        

On the 17th of August and the 12th & 14th of September.     

Manningham Councillors Ending Four Year Term Click to enlarge

Manningham Councillors Ending Four Year Term
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Manningham Council elections will be held on the 22nd of October 2016. To be eligible a candidate must be listed on council voters role. Postal Election Candidate Handbook  from the VEC website provides full details.

 The Councillor allowance set at $25,685 plus $9,685 per year for expenses is very generous considering the number of hours in  attendance are optional.  Councillor expenses cover travel and accommodation if they wish to attend interstate and overseas conferences.  An IPAD and Mobile Phone are also provided in addition to training, elocution lessons (if requested) plus child minding, telephones, etc. Council may also reimburse Continue reading COUNCILLOR ELECTION SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER →


The construction of the Bunnings store had been stymied as a result of the proponent being unable to negotiate the termination of a lease agreement with Seven Eleven which is due to expire in 2022. In addition Bunnings were unable to find a joint venture partner to complete the development.

Bunnings Amended

3 D Image of Proposal Click to enlarge

3 D Image of Staged  Proposal         Click to enlarge

As a result the building permit issued in May 2013 has been amended to enable Seven Eleven (south east corner) to continue trading during construction of stage one. A series of plans have been prepared with the submission which represent the construction of a large retaining wall that will be necessary to ensure the integrity of the Seven Eleven store in Stage 2 of the 3 Stage development.

The timing of Stage 2, which includes most of the the apartments proposed, is likely to only occur after Seven Eleven’s vacation from the site (i.e. upon its lease expiration, post 2022). Which could mean Continue reading SEVEN ELEVEN STORE DELAYED HARDWARE GIANT →


From BuzzPhrases to BuzzPhraser TM

Doc Searls’ Buzz Phraser is an hilarious tool that lets you produce and share Mad Libs type phrases that come scarily close to sounding like all that gross overblown bumph and bafflegab written by bureaucrats.
Author Doc Searl

Author Doc Searls

The original BuzzPhraser was created in 1992 as a spreadsheet, then a HyperCard stack; and it quickly became one of the most-downloaded files on both AOL and Compuserve.  For years after that it languished, mostly because I didn’t want to re-write the software.  But when the Web came along, I knew I had to find a way to re-create it.  The means didn’t find that end, however, until Charles Roth grabbed the buzzwords by their serifs and made it happen, using a bit of clever Javascript.  Once you start having fun with the new BuzzPhraser, I’m sure you’ll thank him as much as I do. The story that follows was written for the original BuzzPhraser.

BuzzPhrases are built with TechnoLatin, a non language that replaces plain English nouns with vague but precise- sounding substitutes. In Techno Latin, a disc drive is a “data management solution”. A network is “work group productivity platform”. A telephone is a telecommunications device”



Mary Drost Backlash

Mary Drost  Convenor

Residents’ groups are being overwhelmed by the ever increasing planning issues and government strategies that keep us busy reacting  instead of us concentrating upon positive changes to maintain our liveable status. Meanwhile our residential areas are being plundered by developers only intent on exploiting every construction opportunity, regardless of the impact upon our residential areas. It is time we took a more proactive stance by reminding our governments, both state and federal as well as our councils, that they exist to look after our best interests, not the vested interests of the development industry, foreign investors  and other non-constituents.We held a public forum with an expert panel at which Continue reading BACKLASH RELEASES A RESIDENTS BILL OF RIGHTS →

Cycle Manningham – Lets Promote Secure Bicycle parking.

Do you think we could get  a plan together between council and transport groups to devise, and promote some where we could ride to, and then leave our bikes while we take the bus to work for the day?

How about places the Kids an leave their bikes safely, then jump on the bus to school ?

Places like the park and ride have a major version, but wouldn’t it be good to get wider spread options to promote bicycle usage in our areas .

How many places have you seen?  where should we suggest?  I would recommend any of the bus terminus locations.

Boroondara Council have a good page on cycling for their area


It doesn’t have to be a five star hotel for bikes, but some thing to avoid this. 


John Joyner, highly regarded ex senior planning officer at Manningham council, now the principal of Melbourne Planning Outcomes (MPO), has been engaged as the planning consultant for Anne Wang c/-Jiakun Li (designer), the applicant for a three storey development at 51-53 Beverley Street, East Doncaster, to assist at a VCAT hearing in September this year. This is an extraordinary situation where VCAT will now determine the outcome of the proposal instead of Manningham Council because it had contravened section 79 of the planning and environment act 1987 by exceeding the 60 day statutory period for the responsible authority to determine an application.

John Joyner Manningham

John Joyner Former Manningham Planner

The applicant had complied with all requirements, including the advertising of plans etc. by Thursday the 29th of October 2015 but council did not list the proposal for decision until five months later on Tuesday the 29th of March 2016. VCAT informed Manningham council that the proponent had lodged an application on Wednesday the 9th of March requesting the tribunal decide the matter on the grounds Manningham had exceeded the statutory provisions. It is hard to imagine why VCAT, if not the proponent or its consultants, did not inform Manningham council in time to have the matter removed from the agenda set down for the Tuesday the 29th of March 2016. But it went ahead as scheduled anyway with Councillors voting to support council officers recommendation to refuse to issue a permit.

There were several Continue reading FORMER COUNCIL PLANNER DROPS BOMB ON DDO8 →


The “Magnolia” a 15 storey apartment tower under construction in Hepburn Road, corner of Short Street will be the highest building in Doncaster when completed later this year. The maximum height of the project is proposed at 46.1 metres above the natural ground level to the highest point.

Three More Storeys Click to enlarge

Three More Storeys
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Basement Excavation Click to enlarge

Now  Basement Parking
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This proposal  3D Views 20hepburn  on Doncaster Hill was lodged with council nearly five years ago when local developer interest had waned somewhat, well before the current crop of overseas developers had arrived on the scene. During this period Council would agree to give special consideration to any developer who was prepared to purchase and consolidate small blocks of land.  The previous permit holder had purchased four houses at 20-24 Hepburn Road and 1 Short Street to create a large enough area (3114 m2) to accommodate the development in return council agreed to increase the height of the project Continue reading DONCASTER HIGHEST BUILDING WELL ADVANCED →