140 attend RAIDID DD08 Info Night.

Well it was a great turn out for a cold night, which just goes to show how many people are seriously worried about where these developments and zoning is going.

The Manningham council planning dept did thier best to explain how these zones were protecting us, and although it got a bit heated at times, I think a several of the key messages got through:

  1. The zones are NOT protecting us enough, and we want them changed.
  2. The council reviews of the developers plans and traffic reports are not thorough, nor objective enough, and in some cases are just plain wrong.
  3. Residents are frustrated with how the council wants to REPLACE our neighborhood with something less “Suburban.”
  4. Residents Do think these developments are overbearing.
  5. We are not happy that these failings have to be pointed out by us, at our expense!
RAIDID DD08 Event - Les Presenting

RAIDID DD08 Event - Les Presenting

Download the full presentation here: DD08 Info Night 2011-07-21 with explainations

Next for us is Monday night 6:30 at the Council submitters meeting, explaining to the planning Dept, and councilors why we think this development at 5-7 Curlew court is inappropriate, and reminding them of the 20+ regulation failings.

Then, on Tuesday night the councilors meet to vote on approval or not….




  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for all this information. Looks like our council goes a little bit overboard with the zoning. I usually appreciate any new developments but an apartment block of that size is too big. Arcadia Apartments on Doncaster Road are fine in my opinion … on a big road no problem … but not in little Curlew Court.

    I live in Ross Street and we also get a bigger size 3 story apartment block on Ross Street 21/Elizabeth Street 24. Way too big for that area. Don’t mind 2 story townhouses … or a smaller apartment block. Or take the sale of the eastern golf course … Transformation is good but not like that.

    It is sad to see that the council fails on basics. Like to get a proper public transport or even a supermarket approval on Jackson Court.

    I miss overall city planning in Melbourne … we have old one story houses in East Melbourne or Richmond … close to the CBD with excellent public transport. But we have to build “Doncaster Hill” 15km away from the CBD with no public transport (sorry buses don’t really count).

    Not sure why “our” council wants to build Metropolis in the suburbs. People here love the open views and the green trees … that is the reason why I moved here. Not because of high rise buildings.

    Good luck with your objections.

  2. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    It is ridiculous that we have to explain to people such as Cr Ellis that the Manningham Planning Scheme does NOT have community support.
    The appeals that go to VCAT put developers in the box seat because of the Planning Scheme.
    The current planning scheme came into being some 12 years ago.It was the result of community apathy combined with a narrow visioned Planning Department and a compliant,misled Council.
    The scheme has consistently been criticised.The Doncaster Hill issues forum was ignored and was seen by participants as a sham consultation.
    Repair of the damage can only be carried out by a dedicated Council.
    It is hoped that Raidid encourages action such as that carried out by Cr.Yang and condemns Cr.Ellis and the other pro developer Councillors.

  3. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    Has there been a decision from VCAT on Curlew Court?

    1. Less says:

      Still no answer on curlew court from VCAT.

      It might be that they are struggling for an answer, hopefully the planns are weighing heavily on the member.

      Or he might just be away sick, we have had no updates or correspondance.

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