Curlew court Rejection – Classic Councillor Comments

As I said late last night in the previous Post, there was a lot of hot debating, and some unsavoury nasty characters using personal attacks – very dis-appointing behaviour. I am glad the Councilors that Voted our way Kept their decorum throughout the night.

I tried to get the exact words down – these are the best from my notes.

Classic Councillor Comments, and a few other experts opinions…

Great description of the Curlew 5-7 building plan by Cr Meg Downie : Great Big Whopping Pimple in Curlew court !

Meg also said: I don’t believe one car park for households in Doncaster is Realistic.

Cr Yang quite rightly pointed out that :

If the only things that matter are the Yes or No of zoning rules, then why offer community the opportunity to OBJECT, why send it to council to vote ?

She is right of course, all you would need is a big rubber stamp.     Who would be given that ?

Cr Reid – Don’t stuff all of these high density issues into Koonung Ward.

And the zoning rules need “Refinement”    I like the way he got the message across.


Mayor Gough : Curlew Court is an Area MARKED for Major Change.  ( What happened to DD08 protecting us.)


Paul Molan ( Director Town Planning.)

A street like Curlew Court can handle 2000 to 3000 cars movements per day.

At the meeting the night before PMolan also advised  the councillors that they use the rule of 5-7 times the homes = Car movements. therefore working back wards : 2500 movements capacity, divided by 6 movements per house = 416 houses in Curlew court before Traffic hit capacity.  ( there are currently 24, & this plan would see EVERY original house block developed to 28 apartments – even the newer town houses replaced.)

I sure hope I misunderstood this, because Paul Molan also said at that time that : Traffic would be the likely limiting factor to stop further development in Curlew Court.

Cr Mayne:  (He did Vote in Favour of the Development,) & said that VCAT wins are hard to get. He did also say no-one would deny the Councilors their democratic right to pursue VCAT. Which I understood meant he would not stand in the way of a VCAT challenge if needed.

Cr Mayne also said: to Reject the development would send a disappointing message to Developers and and council staff (that had worked hard on this.)

Well, to Approve it, would send a very disappointing message to the loyal residents already living here!




  1. LJ says:

    I was at the last two meetings and I thought Paul Molan’s actual comment on DDO8 and Curlew Court was that these areas have been “Targeted for Drastic Change.” I find it strange that the vast majority of residents in the DDO8 zones were totally unaware that their neighborhoods had been ‘targeted.’

  2. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    Paul Molan is the problem.He has a narrow minded approach that is devoid of any appreciation of Municipal Beauty.He is responsible for the Manningham Planning Scheme.Developer breakfasts are given top priority. Of course the only council employee that can be sacked directly by the Council is the CEO.
    Our only hope is that an organisation such as RAIDID can seek out suitable candidates for the 2012 elections and awaken the broader community.

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