Doncaster Rd Traffic Up by 35% not Down 0.8% !

The Manningham council’s Traffic consultants GTA made predictions in 2002, stating how the traffic on Doncaster Rd would DECREASE by 0.8% over the next 10 years, however that has proven very Wrong.  ( Now UP by 35%) See article below

GTA have now been engaged by Manningham again to predict the traffic for Doncaster Hill in 2020…Their predictions will be fundamental in planning of the Doncaster Hill precinct and surrounding areas, the population growth accommodation, and the push for pedestrians & cyclists to proliferate.

Who else remembers the Doncaster road traffic jams before the freeway went through ? I used to take over 10 minutes to get those first 3-4 kilometers…


Warren has all the facts below, do read on …

GTA traffic volume predictions in two 100 page documents, the 6/3/02 report and later confirmed when revised in the 20/9/02 report, based on information supplied by Manningham Council, are completely at odds with accurate data obtained from Vic Roads. March 2002 GTA Report  September 2002 GTA report

With the majority of the Manningham area’s planned apartment high density and major developments including Bunnings, a five star corporate/residential Hotel and the massive redevelopment of the Civic Grounds (including the Community Hub) still to materialise, there appears every likelihood that traffic congestion in the study area adjacent to J.J.Tully Drive will return and exceed the levels that existed prior to the opening of the Eastern freeway extension, sooner than 2021, if data from Vic Roads is to be regarded.

The AM West Bound peak volumes in Doncaster Road prior to the freeway extension according to GTA were 2,987. After the extension the volume fell to 1,413 but in the period 1998-2009 Vic Roads data shows volumes had rebounded by approx 35% to 1,919 vehicles by 2009, contrary to the two GTA reports of 2002 forecasting a 4% variable by the year 2021.

In the period 98-2021, GTA predicted the 1,574 vehicles in PMEB peak would decline by 4% to 1,515 in the period till 2021..

However Vic Roads data had already indicated an increase of approx 17% in the period 1998 to 2009 from 1,590 to 1,855 vehicles.

12 hour day volume (7 am- 7 pm) predictions in the GTA documents show a decline of 8% in the period till1998-2021…..24,688 to 22,730 vehicles, yet Vic Road have already indicated an increase of approx 12.5% between 1998-2009.. to 27,680 vehicles.

Warren Welsh

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  1. Julie Nixon says:

    Does anyone at the recent meeting with council representatives remember what Paul Molan said about traffic in Manningham? His words were, “It’s just going to get worse.”

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