Manningham Planning Dept recommend to approve Curlew 5-7, because it suits the neighborhood character.

The report from Maningham Planning Dept talks about how well it meets the planning rules, then explains how it doesn’t but that’s OK because it suits the neighborhood character.        NO it does Not !

EVEN AFTER  Ian Wood gave them lots of non-compliance issues !

Early in the piece they explain how they want the neighborhood character to be less “Suburban” and more high density. Therefore, anything that agreed with High Density MATCHES the neighborhood Character.

Looks like we still have some work to do…

 The council meeting Agenda is now released and on the Manningham website.

 …. The report concludes that the proposal generally complies with the Manningham

Planning Scheme, including the requirements of the Design and Development

Overlay – Schedule 8 (Residential Areas adjacent to Activity Centres and along

Main Roads) and Clause 55. The proposed building is attractive in appearance and

scales appropriately to surrounding dwellings. Council’s Traffic Engineers have

considered the impacts of the development on the local road network and raised no

objections. On this basis it is not considered to be an overdevelopment of the site

and therefore recommended for approval.

  Full report is at:

 Looks like we had better make a big impact at tomorrow nights DD08 info night …

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  1. James says:

    It is absolutely disgraceful that they simply ignored all these objections.
    my friend in the states said to me on Facebook that we’re living in such a nanny state where there are always heaps of regulations to ‘protect’ us.
    i think regulations are good most of the time. However, if someone or party wants to take advantage of such so called ‘protection’, then there’s evil for us to fight against.
    My pastor even quoted Bible Joshua Chapter 6, and suggest me to follow that as our instruction. well, we may not really have to ‘march’ around the manningham council to protest. Just found some interesting article online about that chapter as our battles:

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