MP Marry Wooldridge now knows Curlew Court and DD08 zoning a little better.

Doncaster Member of Parliament Mary Wooldridge came good on her offer to see Curlew Court first hand today.

Hopefully Mary can assist in our fight to keep most of Curlews’ existing character. After all Mary is part of the state government, and DD08 zone regulations belong to the State Government. Curlew is of course, just one example of the DD08 zoned streets which were “TARGETED for Drastic Change” when Manningham council nominated these streets for DD08 high density. We thank Mary and Linda from her team, for their guidance and involvement today.

Remember there is an upcoming opportunity to recommend changes to the current state planning rules see our prior article on MP Mathew Guys’ offer.

2011-07-29 Mary Wooldridge MP Curlew Court

Mary Wooldridge MP at Curlew Court

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