Month: July 2011

Lane squeeze on Doncaster Rd

What is the Council doing by reducing the number of lanes on Doncaster Rd immediately after the freeway exit from 3 to 2? With these new high density developments, a hill that prohibits walking and bike riding for many, the only alternative form of transport for residents is to drive. The Council seems to be […]

8 yrs, 3 costly Pedestrian/Cycling plans, and not a single reference to unsafe gradients !

This one just in from Warren, the champion for the bike riders and pedestrians amongst us.. Part 1 From: Warren [address not published] Sent: Thursday, 7 July 2011 12:01 PM To: Manningham Leader Subject: Dual paths,   Letter for residents comments After 8 years and substantial revenue directed towards the promotion of three costly Pedestrian/Cycling […]

CEO Reappointment by Stealth !

Interesting find by Ed, a local resident, there was a small Notice in the paper stating: “NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REAPPOINT CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ” Ed quite rightly asks the following question: (To the advertising manager Manningham Leader.) “Please tell me why this attached advert is not in the Leader newspaper and why wouldn’t a […]

The People ARE Winning

Although it takes some effort, there are some David & Goliath type stories out there. It’s hard work for just a few to sway the system, or change it’s direction, but it has been done. Over the next few weeks we are going to collect  a selection of those that succeeded, how they did it, […]