Parking & Traffic reports IGNORE other new Developments.

Did you know, that when developers submit a building application to Council, they can IGNORE Traffic & Parking arising from other previously approved developments !

It is normal practice for the professional Traffic & Parking impact submissions, to exclude the following:

  1. Exclude – Existing Council Approved developments – “they might never get built.”
  2. Exclude Completed developments, until people move in. ” We can’t be sure of their travel habits.”

Well I can tell you one thing for sure – Anyone who lives in Manningham knows this:

People in Manningham,  usually get around by Car. The other options just don’t cut it.

Cut the Crap guys – Tell the full truth, the whole impact!

Don’t pretend each development is on it’s own.



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  1. Frank Loh says:

    Developers who participate in such despicable act of ‘plain dishonesty’ should be reported to their professional bodies and made know to all Cities so that they can be aware of such unethical and totally unprofessional conduct.
    The Aussie Fair Go psyche has no room for such behaviour as such should be exposed to ensure that all Australians of all level has a fair chance of a happy and healthy life

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