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At the Curlew Blog we hope to share information about the un-sustainable madness Manningham Council is pursuing.
Building High Density Apartments inside small courts, or other suburbia, and believing it will have no negative impact on Traffic, Parking, or neighborhood character is ludicrous.

The Process for Residents to Object to these developments is far from easy, with most concerns being met with the same statement: “Go to the government website, find the regulations about that issue, and once you are an expert, submit your justified objection on this form….”  I for one don’t what to become a town planning expert in my spare time.

What makes it worse, is that most residents don’t even realize their property was rezoned to encourage Multi-storey developments, until one is planned next to them. And it is not just on major roads…. We have one next to us, and we are in a small court.

Manningham call these zones DD08, I heard that DD stands for “Developers Delight”

We hope this Blog will assist in raising public awareness of the issues, as well as put some pressure on the Manningham council to manage the proposed developments, not just allow the maximum size building that can fit on the site.

DD08 will allow 8 apartments on one existing house block, (750sq mtrs,) 30 on two blocks, and 38 on three house blocks ! For the proposed development next to us in Curlew Court, that equates to increased density of  15:1

  • 15 times the homes
  • 15 times the traffic
  • 15 times the cars

– but they only have one car park per apartment, and that does not work in Doncaster.

Well these quite a bit happened so far, but still more to happen before the Council votes to approve this excessive development.

We all have until July 26th to convince Council to say NO, because the next one might be next door to YOU !

Object Now – grab an objection form.



  1. KRT says:

    Many of my friends were / are totally unaware of the High Density zoning, and they have been living in it for years !

  2. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    I am happy to support RAIDID.
    RAIDID, I am told, is to be an umbrella organisation aimed to unite resident groups in the common cause of opposing high density development in Manningham.
    RAIDID could endorse candidates for 2012 elections based on their willingness to make a stand against the EMPLOYEES of our Manningham Planning Department.
    At the 2008 election there were good candidates that we didn’t know enough about.In 2012 our outrage needs to converted to an organised movement.The communication skills shown on this coherence website can be a starting point.
    We all have specific issues that come from the one source.

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