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August 2011

Can apartments solve the affordabilty problem?

One of the key hopes for apartments built in the suburbs, is that they can bring the entry price for a home down to affordable levels. If you look at the offer prices there is some hope in this, particularly in the big high rise developments when designed for that purpose. How ever buyer beware, […]

High-density housing reflects dense government thinking

A very pertinent article written by Dr Tony Recsei president of the Save Our Suburbs community group (NSW Branch). Thanks to Mary Drost for sharing it today – Well worth reading. Citizens in Australia’s major cities are becoming increasingly unhappy about what they perceive as the escalating deterioration in their quality of life – traffic […]

Are we alone in our struggle ? Don’t you believe it…

You might think that our struggle is very specific, very local. Maybe only because of the Doncaster Hill strategy, or only because of DD08 Zoning… well you would be very wrong. …Read on for a list of over 120 groups in Victoria alone… You see over the last couple of weeks alone,  we have received […]

Maidstone residents rail at ‘inconsistent’ VCAT rulings

Another Example of how difficult it is to deal with development proposals and VCAT. And another example of why anyone fighting over developments should attend our VCAT appeals workshop Thursday Aug 25th. This article in the Maribynong weekly Maidstone residents rail at ‘inconsistent’ VCAT rulings …MAIDSTONE residents have, within the space of two days, won […]

How does VCAT work, How do I Change the Planning System?

Whether we like it or Not, if we have a dis-agreement with a development, and it goes through the council review process, it is likely to end up being argued & resolved at VCAT. Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT.) Now the developers know how VCAT Works, but most of us don’t, so we have […]

Less Developments in Side Streets: 17% will do it.

Following on from yesterday’s proof that we don’t need high density apartments in DD08 and side streets, lets consider today, how little development is needed in side streets at all. Less than 17% more of the 6080 DD08 sites, do actually need to be developed as town houses to achieve the growth Manningham council has […]

Planning for Growth – Achieved Without High Density Apartments ?

There is a big push in Manningham to be ready for the growth that the state Government has pushed upon us in the 2030 plan. But really, how much growth is needed ? Could it be achieved without High Density apartments ?    HELL YEAH ! Well Manningham Council has shown us what is needed, but […]

First of the planned 10 storeys apartments to be built and occupied on the Doncaster Hill activity centre.

Affordable Housing 95-97 Tram Road Doncaster : 98 apartments and 130 car spaces ( As seen on ABC News) The 10-storey development includes 48 one-bedroom apartments, 30 two-bedroom apartments and 20 three-bedroom apartments. This will be the first of the planned 10 storeys apartments to be built and occupied on the Doncaster Hill activity centre. […]