Are we alone in our struggle ? Don’t you believe it…

You might think that our struggle is very specific, very local. Maybe only because of the Doncaster Hill strategy, or only because of DD08 Zoning… well you would be very wrong.

…Read on for a list of over 120 groups in Victoria alone…

You see over the last couple of weeks alone,  we have received calls from people in Doncaster Hill precinct about 188 apartments on three blocks. From a Doncaster lane “DD08 zone” scared about four blocks in a row all for sale at the same time, and what could happen. Even a call from a group in Horsfall St Templestowe Heights, one of the “Protected Res3 Zones” and how the local shops are now developed to consume all the local parking and the skyline. All that does sound very local, however…

If you have been following us you will have noted the Boronia group, a little further out have the same issues, and there are many more. If you want to know really how many groups are fighting poor planning and over development, then you should have a look at probably the Biggest collection of resident groups like us, shown here at the Marvelous Melbourne Website. There’s go  to be over 120 Registered groups there. there is also a lot of good news on our favourite topics.

Beyond that, the groups also feed Planning Backlash.

Planning Backlash is an “umbrella” for co-ordinated action by a wide range of groups across city, country and coast concerned with inappropriate planning in Victoria.

Planning Backlash has supported the development of this site to inform people interested in ensuring that development planning supports “quality of life”.

Each group in the Planning Backlash network has its own planning and development issues but all have common concerns with the State Government’s planning processes and strategies.   Currently the network connects over 100 groups and is continually increasing.

PLANNING BACKLASH believes that city, coast and country are becoming scarred with insensitive and unrepresentative developments which are being built to benefit developers and to pacify political impatience.

PLANNING BACKLASH groups are not bonded by politics or geography but united in passion, expertise and resilience regarding our collective opposition to the inappropriate development happening in our communities.

I suggest you have a look there are some great sounds too much like home – stories – I was drawn to this one Orwellian manipulation at its worst.  I might send them our Growth calculations…..


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