First of the planned 10 storeys apartments to be built and occupied on the Doncaster Hill activity centre.

Affordable Housing 95-97 Tram Road Doncaster : 98 apartments and 130 car spaces ( As seen on ABC News)

The 10-storey development includes 48 one-bedroom apartments, 30 two-bedroom apartments and 20 three-bedroom apartments.

This will be the first of the planned 10 storeys apartments to be built and occupied on the Doncaster Hill activity centre.

The state government were concerned at the slow progress of high-rise apartment towers on Doncaster Hill and determined they would provide funding to stimulate further high-rise development, while providing access to cheaper housing.

We were surprised a government funded development of this density would be built so far outside of the city, it is not an ideal location since it is car driven, it has poor infrastructure, lack of a railway and limited opportunities for employment. Many residents will be forced into car ownership to access amenities and services and to provide transport to and from work.

We are not against supported housing, there definitely needs to be help for the community, and you shouldn’t stereo type who will live there, even nice families need help. You could even say the building looks nice, as far as multistory developments go.

              But why put it in that location?          See below for Traffic, Parking, & Birthdays.

ABS - RP Doncaster Vic statistics Travel, Work

ABS - RP Doncaster Vic statistics Travel, Work

This is not an employment area, most people travel elsewhere for work, and over 80% of them travel by car. ( ABS stats) So with no tram or train in Doncaster, the employment options will be limited by bus (40min to the city,) or use your car. And surely the government rent subsidies should not be wasted by them needing a car to get work.

It is too early to assess if this development will have an effect on local property values as suggested elsewhere. Initial public reactions indicate there is still a stigma attached to government funded housing – Just have a look at the public comments in the Leader News website… (By the way this is not the first public housing in Manningham.) It should be noted that the appearance of the development is far more acceptable than what we often see in inner Melbourne.


Doncaster Tram Rd 95-97 photo 2

Doncaster Tram Rd 95-97 photo 2

Excess parking is another big problem in the Doncaster area, as there is very little public parking, and none around this site for visitors. In fact there is only one visitor spot for every 8 apartments.

48 + 30 :single car dwellings – 1 or 2 Bedrooms.(78 car spaces)

20 : two car dwellings – 3 bedroom (40 car spaces)

118 residents car spaces + 12 visitors – No on street parking.  ( one visitor per eight apartments.)

– I hope the 150 residents don’t have many birthday parties…



  1. Jimmy says:

    You’re missing the point regarding birthday parties; Manningham Council plans for those residents to celebrate functions at their biggest ratepayer, Westfield, where they can also pay for car parking, buy presents etc. In fact, the Doncaster Hill strategy seemed to coincide with the Shoppingtown extension. Why extend the centre when there isn’t an increase in the customer catchment?

    1. Less says:

      Interesting, doesn’t everyone want to have all their family outtings, & spend all their spare cash at Shoppingtown?

      The other question is where are the kids going to play? There are no parks anywhere in sight, main roads all around, even the Collingwood high rise apartments have some green space around them, and school play grounds next door…

  2. Tyler Kutz says:

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