Maidstone residents rail at ‘inconsistent’ VCAT rulings

Another Example of how difficult it is to deal with development proposals and VCAT.

And another example of why anyone fighting over developments should attend our VCAT appeals workshop Thursday Aug 25th.

This article in the Maribynong weekly Maidstone residents rail at ‘inconsistent’ VCAT rulings

…MAIDSTONE residents have, within the space of two days, won and lost battles against what they say is overdevelopment in their street.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal last month ruled against an appeal by Marsh Street residents over the construction of three dwellings on one block.

Two days later, VCAT handed down a decision favouring residents and overturning Maribyrnong Council’s approval of two two-storey houses on a block in the same street…

It sure is a mine field to deal with,

  • You get your case heard at Local Council,
  • If the developer loses they take it to VCAT,
  • If you loose you might take it to VCAT..
  • If you go to VCAT – do you represent yourselves ?  You might get the right of reply. Lawyers don’t
  • Do you need “experts” to explain your point, like the developer will have.
  • Do you have lawyers, and how do you pay for them ?

Well for $25,  next week – Thursday the 25th of August, you can ask those and other questions of Lawyers who deal with just these things. See our Event

And while we are there we will discuss how to change the whole state planning system…

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  1. Frank says:

    Cases such as this show that the VCAT system is not only INCONSISTENT BUT ALSO VERY UNFAIR TO THE PEOPLE WHOM THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO SERVE.

    From what I have seen so far, neither is the Manningham Council. The rationale of arguments put forward by some Cr are preposterous and in some I felt are self serving eg. we will be denying more people who wants to come to live in Doncaster. My counter to such argument is that if the Council continue to make stupid decisions of building high rise apartments every wherever the Developers can scounge land from desperate land owners without considering the volume of traffic generated; the new comer Doncasterians will be so sique of the traffic nightmare that they will tell others not to come to Doncaster.

    The other comment from Cr is ‘a Court is No different to a Street’. To think that we have people casting votes on life changing development in Doncaster is scary and disgusting. He should not be there in the first place.

    Lets vote such people out of Council. Hopefully it is not too late for them to do too much damage.

    Just a thought

    regards to all

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