Planning for Growth – Achieved Without High Density Apartments ?

There is a big push in Manningham to be ready for the growth that the state Government has pushed upon us in the 2030 plan. But really, how much growth is needed ?

Could it be achieved without High Density apartments ?    HELL YEAH !

Well Manningham Council has shown us what is needed, but you have to do some sums to see the truth. Now there are a few key targets that have been identified as the basis of the 2030 plan:

  1. Population growth of 0.8% each year.
  2. Growth is to be focused in the DD08 Activity areas.
  3. There will be a high portion of lone person households.

Well to achieve this 0.8% compounding population Growth Manningham needs to add 4,755 homes.

And if all that growth was built solely in DD08 zones, then by 2030, Manningham would need to increase density inside DD08 zones by 75%  – LESS THAN DOUBLE  ( 175% times current )

So why do we need high density of 30 apartments,  on two blocks, in side streets ? 1500% Growth.

Growth Needs & Outcomes to Year 2030 Homes Ave.Density Excess capacity in 2030 if all are built Excess if built %
DD08 Current Homes      6,080 100%
DD08 Current + Growth Required to 2030     10,657 175%  none 0%
DD08 built as Townhouses     15,200 250%                  4,543 43%
DD08 built as apartments     60,800 1000%                50,143 471%

Developers are currently aiming for maximum per block.

Planning rules Don’t allow council to restrict any lower.

 Will there be a Glut of apartments if Manningham gets the High Density it Craves ?

YES – we need 10,657 homes,  the apartment plan is aiming for 50,143.

Growth vs building type

Growth vs building type in DD08


This chart shows the unbridled excess of apartments in this plan.

Even before you allow for the large 600 apartments above Bunnings in Doncaster Hill, and others like it, all you need to accommodate the total growth required AND more, can be achieved by low rise townhouses.

Townhouses that have adequate parking, that spread traffic, that are not Overbearing.

Townhouses that cost the same as most of these apartments…

I think it time we had a closer look at what is planned, and why.

For those of you that really like to crunch the numbers yourself, please click on this link to down load the full spreadsheet Planning Growth in Manningham, with all of the allowances, and calculations.

See the next article for the actual needs – Less Developments in Side Streets: 17% will do it.

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