Curlew crt VCAT part 1 – Practice Day

Hello all,

Well we survived the first day at VCAT, quite Painless really, it was a ”Practice Day.”

Thanks to Frank, Lisa, and Bill for joining me there.

At a practice day the presiding “Chair person” confirmed who we were, whether we would present at a Hearing, rough time needed, and is there any chance for solving the issue at Mediation.

Our mediation date was set for October 11th. The Developer ( Applicant,) stated they had met with our group at two previous occasions, and saw no way of succeeding at further mediation. ( met with us yes, attempted to negotiate – not in the slightest. Neither were even meetings designed for negotiation.)

The developer recommended therefore that the Mediation date be vacated (cancelled.) We were asked if we agreed, which we did, so now we go straight to the main event, the Hearing.

Our Hearing is scheduled for December 19th & 20th, by which time we will need to have all arguments well researched, justified, and have circulated the basis of our grounds or arguments to the council and developer, (Applicant).

The chair person today, suggested that with the number of witnesses, and presenters being proposed at the hearing, and the requested durations to complete the presentations, that we might not get it completed in the nominated two days. That left two options, try to complete in Decembers’ two days, and if needed take another day later, or schedule three days in a row, which would not be available until February some time. We agreed to go with the proposed dates, and see if it can be completed.

Unfortunately this might end up in the developers favor if we do run over, as they get to present last, thus giving them time to prepare details of arguments. I think it would have reflected poorly on our willingness to resolve, & seemed like a grab for “delay’s’ at any cost if we refused.

Now comes the big work – build strong arguments that achieve useful outcomes, and practice our best debating tactics – keep watching those court room shows, or better still:       “GET INVOLVED, HELP US WIN FOR OUR COMMUNITY”

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