Planning Dept Silent on Growth review showing no need for High Rise side streets.

Well it has been well over a month since Manningham Planning dept agreed to cross check our Growth without High Rise side streets plan. In it we showed all the planned 2030 growth can be achieved with zero high rises in side streets, and only 1 in 5 of the 6080 targeted DD08 sites turned into 2 or 3 townhouses. And that is achieved before any new developments are added to the Doncaster Hill list.

Two weeks after Planning Dept. agreed to review, Cr Ellis was talking about the 2030 growth, and when I challenged him with our numbers, he said he would take it up with Planning Dept. Again dead silence.

What do you think, are they silent because they don’t want to admit that the numbers do not justify this high density madness ?


Can anyone remember Paul Molans’ remark at our DD08 Zone info night in July- it felt something like this : The BAD Traffic is coming so get used to it…

Paul Molan (Manningham Planning Director,) is front page news in theManingham Leader this week Council says if you don’t like it, go.


Well if  you don’t clog the Manningham area with unnecessary high rises then the BAD traffic won’t come, and the loyal long term residents, won’t be forced to leave.

We say: If Paul Molan and the Council don’t like the Existing character of Our Manningham suburb, then – They should leave before they stuff it up any more !






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  1. James says:

    The link to that leader newspaper report ‘Council Says: Don’t like Doncaster development? You can leave’ is:

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