The Residents are voting with their feet !

This was the scene leaving Curlew Court, and marching up to the Council offices on Sunday.

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It was a great turnout – thanks to all for showing their support, and a big thanks to all those that helped make it work. We hope this show of community concern will help the councilors, and the state MPs decide to pay  some more attention to our cause.

You can help us get to the State government by signing our petition, Download Petition, and get a few friends to sign it as well. return details on the bottom.

March past apartments on Doncaster & Thiele St - notice the house size to the left

Curlew on the March to Council.

It’s just another normal day in Doncaster, although a quiet Sunday…

  • Apartments towering over the house on the left
  • And lots of people walking, very health conscious.


How high will it Be ?

Well in an attempt to show just how high 30 apartments ( 10 meters tall,) in Curlew court will be, particularly when compared to the neighboring property, we set some balloons.

These balloons were on a line to hold them at the height of the building proposed next door, red for the mid floor, blue for the roof. Now the wind kept blowing them over, and away from full height, but even then, as this photo shows, there is no other way to describe it than OVERBEARING.

Balloons (almost) showing height of proposed building next door. It will be a bit heigher.



3 Responses to “The Residents are voting with their feet !”

  1. Frank Loh says:

    The Councillors who voted for the development should be sent pictures of the height of the balloons especially the blue ones to give them a visual impact of what they vote for.
    Would really like to know how they really really feel deep down if they are the ones whose property is beside this concrete PIMPLE OF CURLEW COURT?
    I wander whether they will still vote for it to proceed?

  2. Aisha Earley says:

    My first time here. Awesome blog and super post. Well done.

  3. Less says:

    those balloons go very high!

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